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2018 What are the Costs and Benefits of a International Corporate Governance Reregulation? Tommaso, F.D. Article 46 38
2018 The Transmission of International Food Commodity Prices to China Shuquan, H. Article 19 8
2019 Big Data & Analytics as a sustainable Customer Loyalty Instrument in Banking and Finance Giebe, C.; Hammerström, L.; Zwerenz, D. Article 141 144
2018 Exploring the Organizational Benefits and Implementation Challenges of Preparing an Integrated Report in Mauritius Bachoo, T.; Ahmad, N.S.M. Article 337 315
2017 Regulation of the state debt stability Antonov, Maksym Serhiiovych; Lopa, L. Article 705 585
2019 Nexus Between Corporate Governance and Firm Performance in Malaysia: Supervised Machine Learning Approach Nur-Al-Ahad, Md.; Syeda, N.; Vagavi, P. Article 186 194
2019 Behavioral Biases Influencing the Decision Making of Portfolio Managers of Capital Securities and Traders in Morocco Hadbaa, H.; Boutti, R. Article 2121 2149
2018 Islamic economy as an alternative solution to managing economic crisis: Some fashionable case studies of Iran, Malaysia Saudi Arabia Bello, H.S.; Ahmad, N.; Galadima, I.S. Article 89 90
2018 Impact of Cooperative Microfinance on the Performance of Women Entrepreneurship in Kwara State Nigeria Akanmu, P.M.; Clement, J.Ol.; Samaila, M. Article 257 262
2019 Implications of Financial Intermediation on The Performance of Commercial Banks in Nigeria: 2000-2017 Adewole, J.A.; Dare, F.D.; Ogunyemi, J.K. Article 35 37