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2018 The Transmission of International Food Commodity Prices to China Shuquan, H. Article 146 133
2021 The International Tax Competitiveness: Bibliometric Analysis Тютюник, Інна Володимирівна; Тютюник, Инна Владимировна; Tiutiunyk, Inna Volodymyrivna; Mazurenko, O. Article 206 205
2021 Carbon Financial Markets Underlying Climate Change Mitigation, Pricing and Challenges: Technical Analysis El Amri, A.; Oulfarsi, S.; Boutti, R.; Sahib Eddine, A.; Hmioui, A. Article 147 144
2021 Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Regional Integration in Asia Bhowmik, D. Article 105 103
2021 The Communication in the Algerian Company: is a Technical Tool or a Managerial Practice? Case of the Internal Communication in a Financial Company of BADR Ibtissem, G.; Radia, B. Article 92 94
2021 The Global Green Bond Market in the Face of the COVID-19 Pandemic Keliuotytė-Staniulėnienė, G.; Daunaravičiūtė, K. Article 180 180
2021 The Impact of Corporate Governance on Banks Profitability in Nigeria Oluwole, F.O. Article 177 167
2021 How do the Banking Systems of High Income Countries differ from others? Kaya, H.D. Article 89 92
2017 Scientific methodological approach to defining projected indicator of financial market infrastructural efficiency Rekunenko, Ihor Ivanovych Article 4233 4392
2017 Openness of the insurance market for foreign entities: methodology and experience of Ukraine Vieriezubova, T.; Levchenko, V. Article 3818 3582