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Title The economic optimization of investment into the territorial development of recreation
Authors Hrytsenko, Larysa Leonidivna
Shevchenko, Hanna Mykolaivna
Dakher, K.A.
Keywords secondary resources
вторинні ресурси
вторичные ресурсы
two-tier economic model
дворівнева економічна модель
двухуровневая экономическая модель
socio-ecological modification
соціально-екологічна модифікація
социально-экологическая модификация
Type Article
Date of Issue 2017
Publisher Sumy State University
Citation Hrytsenko, L., Shevchenko, H., Daher, K. (2017). The economic optimization of investment into the territorial development of recreation. SocioEconomic Challenges, 1(2), 59-79.
Abstract In the field of recreational nature management the mechanisms of attraction of investment resources have a particular specificity, which consists in necessity of consideration of objectively existing synergistic relationships between economic, social and environmental components. Recreational nature management based on the use of natural-recreational potential of certain territories foresees a need for state regulation of recreational activity in the regions. In the article a complex economic assessment of natural-recreational potential of Sumy oblast in Ukraine was carried out, the values of regional recreational rent in districts of Sumy oblast was defined. The character of influence of change of parameters of the objective function of maximization of recreational product on the aggregate magnitude and structure of recreational services is analyzed, in accordance with methodical provisions of application the optimization instrument of dual assessments at use of natural-recreational potential of the territory: an analysis of the limits of sustainability of prices on recreational services that are included or not included to the baseline plan of recreational development in districts of oblast; analysis of limitations on recreational resources on which is absent or available reserve within the framework of defined territory. Among the main results of conducted complex assessment of natural-recreational potential of Sumy oblast highlighted the following: defined the investment attractiveness of districts of the oblast from the perspective of development in them the recreational activity; determined the volume of investments in development of recreational activity by types of recreational services on districts of oblast; assessed the absolute values and limits of change of local natural-recreational potentials conditioned by the dynamics of prices on recreational services in districts of oblast; determined the limitations of sustainability for constraints on land and labor resources and conditioned by them change in the magnitude of local natural-recreational potential of the territory.
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