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Title: Deterministic Modeling for Evaluating Consumers’ Attitude towards Telecommunication Service in Bangladesh
Authors: Neger, M.
Bhuiyan, Md.Z.H.
Chowdhury, Md.H.K.
Hossain, A.
Keywords: споживче ставлення
отношение потребителей
consumer attitude
модель багатостороннього ставлення до Фішбейна
модель мультиатрибутивного отношения Фишбейна
Fishbein’s Multiattribute Attitude Model
явное убеждение
salient belief
Issue Year: 2019
Publisher: Sumy State University
Citation: Deterministic Modeling for Evaluating Consumers’ Attitude towards Telecommunication Service in Bangladesh [Текст] / M. Neger, Md.Z.H. Bhuiyan, Md.H.K. Chowdhury, A. Hossain // Business Ethics and Leadership. - 2019. - Vol.3, Issue 2. - P. 72-82. - DOI: 72-82.2019
Abstract: This study is conducted empirically for measuring consumers’ attitude towards telecommunication service in Bangladesh. A conceptual model has been developed based on two constructs. Telecommunication service related intrinsic and intrinsic constructs where five individual attributes (network availability, service quality, service charge strategies, offered value, brand image) are included. A series of analysis technique (arithmetic means) are used to find out the weighted average of intrinsic & extrinsic attributes, which are considered by Bangladeshi consumers for using telecommunication service. Fishbein’s Multiattribute Attitude Model has been used for measuring the overall attitude of consumers toward telecommunication service in Bangladesh, which could help for successful business operations, management, and long-term sustainability of attitude measurement in order to improve product or service quality as per consumer expectation level
Type: Article
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