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Title Comparative Analysis of Strategic Planning Based on a Systems Engineering Approach
Authors Andrade, H.S.
Loureiro, G.
Keywords стратегія
стратегічне планування
стратегическое планирование
strategic planning
модель стратегічного планування
модель стратегического планирования
strategic planning model
стратегічний менеджмент
стратегическое управление
strategic management
інженерія систем
системная инженерия
systems engineering
Type Article
Date of Issue 2020
Publisher Sumy State University
License Copyright not evaluated
Citation Andrade, H. S., Loureiro, G. (2020). A Comparative Analysis of Strategic Planning Based on a Systems Engineering Approach. Business Ethics and Leadership, 4(2), 86-95.
Abstract Strategic planning is an organizational process, the purpose of which is to conceive, formulate and manage the strategies implementation in the enterprise. The implementation of strategic planning involves the implementation of a set of actions aimed at taking the organization from a known position to a more desirable position, creating sustainable competitive advantages.
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Ukraine Ukraine


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