Health Economics and Management Review [134]

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2021 Adaptation of the best European practices in administering local health care institutions Oleksich, Zhanna Anatoliivna; Polcyn, J.; Shtorgin, O. Article 1309339710 1791037670
2023 Analysis of accidental transmission impacts in the chain «waste management system – public health» Ziabina, Yevheniia Anatoliivna; Khomenko, Liliia Mykolaivna; Osei Owusu, E.K. Article 181372 55720
2023 Analysis of implementing the Ukrainian healthcare reform in 2023 Sheliemina, N. Article 15 1
2020 Analysis Of The Marketing Activities In The Blood Service: Bibliometric Analysis Khomenko, Liliia Mykolaivna; Saher, Liudmyla Yuriivna; Polcyn, J. Article -1886232658 1861523952
2021 Analysis of Trends in the Development of Availability of Medical Services for Rural Population Ziabina, Yevheniia Anatoliivna; Goncharova, K.; Lieonov, H. Article -1042811639 -1276501534
2022 Awareness among Rural Women for Sanitary Napkins Ranga, M.; Kanika, Article -1178795650 -311285951
2020 Basic financing principles of anti-covid measures: the case of the bank for international settlements. Taraniuk, Karina Viktorivna; Taraniuk, Leonid Mykolaiovych; Diakonova, Iryna Ivanivna Article 370900695 -145697233
2020 Basic principles of financing of against COVID measures by the Bank of International Settlements Taraniuk, Leonid Mykolaiovych; Diakonova, Iryna Ivanivna; Taraniuk, Karina Viktorivna; Qiu, Hongzhou Article 1781301731 -744341811
2023 Beekeeping role in enhancing food security and environmental public health Richardson, K. Article 8 1
2022 Challenge of COVID-19 and Nigerian Economic Change: The Way Forward Kazeem, B.L.O.; Adewale, O.V.; I, K.; Kayode, O.J. Article -573960266 -2081967763
2022 Checklist for Professional Communication: A Path to a Healthy Personality, Reflective Mindfulness, and Self-Development Management Mujtaba, B.G.; Meyer, C. Article 1980832577 -1627118172
2021 Conflict Management in Health Care Institutions Koibichuk, Vitaliia Vasylivna; Dzwigol, H.; Stenko, S. Article -2079980631 1792809985
2020 Conflict management system in health care Tenytska, T.; Myroshnychenko, Yuliia Oleksandrivna; Lomia, Е. Article 724415303 -1478774435
2021 Consumer health knowledge: cultural norms and marketing of healthcare products Oteh, O.U.; Oloveze, A.O.; Obasi, R.O.; Opara, J.O. Article 1594501272 1117401175
2021 Consumer Motivation and Multilevel Marketing on Health Products Oloveze, A. O.; Oteh, O. U.; Okonkwo, R. V. O.; Chukwuoyims, K.; Ollawa, C. C.; Ugwu, P. A.; Ogbonna, C. Article 585065041 1690605981
2023 Countries’ Vulnerability to COVID-19 Depending on the Health Behaviour Patterns of the Population Letunovska, Nataliia Yevhenivna; Boliukh, V. Article 6168297 8479974
2020 Covid-19 and public health administration: trends and prospects Kolosok, Svitlana Ivanivna; Jakubowska, A. Article 1371642024 2018585571
2021 Covid-19 impact on business sector activity in the EU countries: digital issues Tiutiunyk, Inna Volodymyrivna; Humenna, Yuliia Hryhorivna; Flaumer, A. Article 2130579164 2085484935
2021 COVID-19 impact on the company’s development: a case of UNIT.City Mishenina, Halyna Anatoliivna; Kirichenko, D.; Puzemsky, V. Article 1259115430 573421692
2022 The COVID-19 Pandemic and Access to Vaccination in Bangladesh: a Critical Review Haque, E. Article 1133866640 -947883487