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Title Combating Unemployment through Social Entrepreneurship in the European Context
Authors Zainea, L.N.
Tomaс, S.G.
Marinescu, P.
Chițimiea, A.
Keywords social entrepreneurship
социальное предпринимательство
соціальне підприємництво
European Union
Європейський Союз
Type Article
Date of Issue 2020
Publisher Sumy State University
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
Citation Zainea, L.N., Toma, S.G., Marinescu, P., Chițimiea, A. (2020). Combating Unemployment through Social Entrepreneurship in the European Context. Business Ethics and Leadership, 4(4), 85-98.
Abstract Сonsideration of the dynamic changes from the socio-economic environment, social entrepreneurship plays an essential role in the labour market as it creates new jobs, contributes to the improvement of the economic and social position of vulnerable groups in society, and stimulates economic development. The financial crisis from 2008 and the current health crisis, which generated a significant economic crisis and the specific social context existing in each member state, constitute the leading causes that led to a slow convergence rhythm of the labour market at the European Union level. Unemployment and non-employment have a significant impact on the people affected by poverty and the disadvantaged people. A coherent, systematic and sustainable approach to social entrepreneurship is required to generate significant change at the European level.
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Ukraine Ukraine


Ukraine Ukraine


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