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Title Modelling and Forecasting Domestic Tourism. Case Study from Armenia
Authors Poghosyan, K.
Tovmasyan, G.
Keywords внутрішній туризм
местный туризм
domestic tourism
моделі прогнозування
модели прогнозирования
forecasting models
рекурсивна та плинна регресія
рекурсивная и скользящая регрессия
recursive and rolling regression
Type Article
Date of Issue 2021
Publisher Sumy State University
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
Citation Poghosyan, K., Tovmasyan, G. (2021). Modelling and Forecasting Domestic Tourism. Case Study from Armenia. SocioEconomic Challenges, 5(2), 96-110.
Abstract This paper summarizes the arguments and counterarguments within the scientific discussion on the issue of modelling and forecasting domestic tourism. During Covid-19 many countries tried to develop domestic tourism as an alternative to inbound tourism. In Armenia domestic tourism has grown recently, and in 2020 the decrease was 33% compared to last year. The main purpose of the research is to model and forecast domestic tourism growth in Armenia.
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