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Title Fiscal Policy and Forecasting Real GDP
Authors Chowdhury, M.A.
Keywords податково-бюджетна політика
фискальная политика
fiscal policy
державні витрати
государственные расходы
government spending
прогнозування та реального валового внутрішнього продукту
прогнозирование и реальный валовой внутренний продукт
forecasting and real gross domestic product
Type Article
Date of Issue 2021
Publisher Sumy State University
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
Citation Chowdhury, M. A. (2021). Fiscal Policy and Forecasting Real GDP. Financial Markets, Institutions and Risks, 5(4), 5-13.
Abstract The macroeconomic effect of changes in tax revenue and government spending influences gross domestic product in an economy. The economic growth depends on real business cycle where fiscal policy takes the central role which is managed by the government. When there is a shock in the economy, government changes policy to stabilize the economy to control interest rate otherwise there will be budget deficit which declines economic growth.
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