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Title Modern digital learning and simulation technologies in higher medical education: definitions, innovative potential
Authors Yuriy, R.
Huzchenko, S.
Lobach, N.
Karbovanets, O.
Bokova, Svitlana Ivanivna  
Isychko, L.
Keywords higher medical education
simulation technologies
digitalization of education
Type Article
Date of Issue 2022
Publisher Revista Amazonia Investiga
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
Citation Yuriy, R., Huzchenko, S., Lobach, N., Karbovanets, O., Bokova, S., & Isychko, L. (2022). Modern digital learning and simulation technologies in higher medical education: definitions, innovative potential. Amazonia Investiga, 11(60), 53-61.
Abstract Digital and simulative learning technologies have become especially popular and are being implemented in medicine. Consequently, this article aims to investigate the main digital learning and simulation technologies that are used in higher medical education. For this purpose, general scientific methods of research were used: analysis and synthesis. Based on the predictive method, the possible ways of solving some problems in digital medical education were demonstrated. Of separate importance was the use of content analysis, based on which the basic information materials concerning this problem were investigated in detail. In the results peculiarities of interpretation of digital and simulative technologies were defined, the problem of using digital technologies in modern medical education was characterized, the significance of simulative technologies in the system of training of future medics wasindicated, the main stages of simulative training were investigated. It is noted that the key stage of simulation training is debriefing, where the analysis of basic errors takes place. In the conclusion, it is noted that the combination of digital and simulation technologies contributes to the improvement of the educational process as a whole.
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