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2023 Electrical Conductivity of Composite Materials Based on n-InSe and Thermally Expanded Graphite Kaminskii, V.M.; Kovalyuk, Z.D.; Boledzyuk, V.B.; Savitskii, P.I.; Ivanov, V.I.; Tovarnitskii, M.V. Article 11627 3637
2023 Electrical Properties and Photosensitivity of n-Mn2O3/p-InSe Heterojunctions Produced by the Spray Pyrolysis Method Orletskii, I.G.; Tkachuk, I.G.; Ivanov, V.I.; Kovalyuk, Z.D.; Zaslonkin, A.V. Article 36 68
2023 p-SnS/n-InSe Heterostructures Fabricated by the Spray-Pyrolysis Method Tkachuk, I.G.; Orletskii, I.G.; Kovalyuk, Z.D.; Ivanov, V.I.; Zaslonkin, A.V. Article 17 8
2023 Photoelectric Properties of the Mn2O3/n-InSe Heterojunction Tkachuk, I.G.; Orletskii, I.G.; Ivanov, V.I.; Kovalyuk, Z.D.; Zaslonkin, A.V.; Netyaga, V.V. Article 388157 148250
2022 Photosensitive CuFeO2/n-InSe Heterojunctions Tkachuk, I.G.; Orletskii, I.G.; Ivanov, V.I.; Zaslonkin, A.V.; Kovalyuk, Z.D. Article 933669 2720969
2021 Photosensitive n-Zn0.5Cd0.5O/p-InSe Heterostructures Prepared by Magnetron Sputtering Kudrynskyi, Z.R.; Tkachuk, I.G.; Ivanov, V.I.; Khomyak, V.V. Article 27256945 25109466
2019 Short Communication Formation of Graphite Nanostructures on the Surface of Layered n-InSe Crystal Vodopyanov, V.M.; Tkachuk, I.G.; Ivanov, V.I.; Kudrynskyi, Z.R.; Kovalyuk, Z.D. Article 9680362 6773494
2011 Spin current in (110)-oriented GaAs quantum wells Ivanov, V.I.; Dugaev, V.K.; Sherman, E.Y.; Barnas, J. Conference Papers -1215873733 536669976