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2018 Electronic Conduction in Annealed Sulfur-Doped a-Si:H Films Gupta, H.; Fateh, Singh Gill; Sharma, S.K.; Kumar, R.; Mehra, R.M. Article 8392480 17648677
2022 A knowledge, attitude and practice study of prescribing oxygen amongst interns in atertiary care hospital Siwach, I.; Yadav, S.R.; Kumar, R.; Choudhari, O.K.; Kumar, A.; Ish, P.; Gupta, N. Article 9222359 21902727
2013 Optical Dispersion In Annealed Thin Films of S-doped a-Si:H Alloys Purohit, L.P.; Gupta, H.; Pal, Pankaj K.; Kumar, A.; Kumar, R.; Mehra, R.M. Article 351089007 400266742
2011 Structural, optical, and dielectric properties of A[(Mg0.32Co0.02) Nb0.66]O3 semiconductor, where (A = Ba, Sr or Ca) Bishnoi, B.; Mehta, P.K.; Panchal, C.J.; Desai, M.S.; Kumar, R. Article 173785435 208656770
2013 Study of Photoluminescence Behaviour of Porous Silicon Samples Prepared at 20 mA Current Density Gill, Fateh Singh; Gupta, Himanshu; Purohit, L.P.; Pal, Pankaj K.; Sharma, Kiran; Dhiman, Neeraj; Kumar, R.; Mehra, R.M. Article 5477215 4210372
2017 Synthesis and Characterization of a New Aluminium Complex Bis (5-choloro-8- hydroxyquinoline)(2,2’bipyridine) Aluminium Al(Bpy)(5-Clq)2 Kumar, R. Article 6217360 3045164
2017 Synthesis and Characterization of a New Aluminum Complex bis (8-hydroxy quinoline) (1-10 phenanthroline) Aluminum Al (Phen)q2 Kumar, R. Article 40732033 45604663
2011 The study of Microstructure of III-V Polar on Non-Polar Heterostructures By HRXRD Kumar, R.; Ganguli, T.; Chouhan, V.; Dixit, V.K. Article -1338238147 -1497165570