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2022 Competitiveness and Innovations in Foreign Trade: a Case of Apples from Slovakia to Czechia Brodnanova, R.; Rovny, P.; Moroz, S. Article 478 543
2018 Consumer behaviour at alcoholic beverages markets of Chech Republic and Slovakia: targeting consumer segments Sugrova, M.; Nagyova, L.; Hazuchova, N.; Stavkova, J. Article 6199 3098
2020 Czech Students’ Perceptions of Ethical Behavior in Business and Entrepreneurship Barber III, D.; Batchelor, J.H.; Hatten, T.; Gibson, S.G.; Rolínek, L. Article -76597288 787120177
2018 Declining trend in the willingness of young people to go into business Breckova, P. Article 12360 12558
2016 Economic performance and convergence in the Eurozone Hájek, Ja.; Hoeschle, F.; Bilan, Yu.; Strielkowski, W. Article 10277618 6872211
2020 Innovations in Workforce Management: Challenges in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Safrankova, J.M.; Sikyr, M.; Skypalova, R. Article 1059974995 -1177235597
2021 The Interdependency Between a Family Company’s Name and a Family Name Tomaskova, A.; Smietanski, R.; Halouzka, M. Article 16774 30327
2017 Local gastronomy as a prerequisite of food tourism development in the Czech Republic Kiráľová, A.; Hamarneh, I. Article -238222853 -1917098199
2019 Management and Diversity Management in SMEs in The Czech Republic Safrankova, J.M.; Sikyr, M. Article 82644 51254
2016 Market segmentation and eliciting tourists’ motives for visiting the Czech Republic Valentova, J.; Abrham, J. Article 8392 12016
2017 SMEs' innovation approach in the Czech Republic Breckova, P. Article 9111 153
2004 Розвиток банківського сектора Чеської республіки напередодні вступу до ЄС: уроки до України Паценко, О.Ю. Article 5772 1794