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2020 Comparison of Ukraine and the EU on Key Indicators of a Healthy Economy Saher, Liudmyla Yuriivna; Letunovska, Nataliia Yevhenivna; Назаренко, А.П. Article -773888870 -1508139266
2022 A Country’s Economic Growth and Rankings of Higher Education Institutions: Is There a Relationship? Dreval, Olha Yuriivna; Martynenko, Viktoriia Vitaliivna; Opanasiuk, Yuliia Anatoliivna; Pavlenko, Olena Oleksiivna Article 40 45
2020 Current state and trends of the shadow sector of the economy Тютюник, Інна Володимирівна; Tiutiunyk, Ynna Vladymyrovna; Tiutiunyk, Inna Volodymyrivna; Zolkover, A.О.; Liulov, Oleksii Valentynovych; Lieonov, Serhii Viacheslavovych Article 233 157
2023 Digital Currencies and Fintech Innovation Technologies for Economic Growth Baltgailis, J.; Simakhova, A.; Buka, S. Article 60 0
2022 How the Covid-19 Pandemic Affects Sustainable Development: The Impact on the Social, Economic and Energy Parameters of Sustainable Development Martynets, Viktoriia Volodymyrivna; Opanasiuk, Yuliia Anatoliivna; Matvieieva, Yuliia Tahibekivna Article 513458 2310540
2020 The Impact of Fiscal Policy on the Unemployment Rate in Egypt Omran, E.A.M.; Bilan, Yurii Valentynovych Article 73435 83239
2021 The Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on the Economy of Ukraine: a Sectoral Analysis of the Consequences and Opportunities for Recovery Sabadash, Viktor Volodymyrovych; Kharchenko, D.V.; Zbyrannyk, O.M. Article 1715086233 -1350381796
2021 Innovation Approaches to Estimate Financial Performance of Banking Sector: The Case for Saudi Arabia Dhawan, S.; Nazneen, A. Article 514533 1890784
2021 International economic and social determinants of the state economic security: A causal analysis Orlov, V.; Bukhtiarova, Alina Hennadiivna; Marczuk, M.; Heyenko, M. Article 93180528 109343071
2020 Investment support of reproduction processes in Ukraine: problems and prospects Sakhno A.V., Masters thesis 354948507 1089396120
2014 Management and optimization of financial flows Oliinyk, Viktor Mykhailovych Article 7058605 719666
2019 Management of Competitiveness and Economic Performance Based in the V4 Countries Bacik, R.; Kloudova, J.; Gonos, J.; Ivankova, V. Article 1454397302 821954760
2021 Personal income tax gaps: bibliometric and econometric analysis Karpenko, Inna Volodymyrivna; Mazurenko, Oleksii Volodymyrovych Article 26513196 8694231
2014 Problems of measuring GDP in different countries Hordiyenko, L. Conference Papers 9016209 11607892
2022 Stock Performance, Sector’s Nature and Macroeconomic Environment Naseer, M.M.; Guo, Y.; Zhu, X. Article -1516776098 1237182168
2007 The relation between bank regulation and economic performance: a cross-country analysis Bertus, M.; Jahera Jr., J.S.; Yost, K. Article 806355 839556
2022 Using the canonical modeling approach to analyze the relationship between bank capitalization indicators and macroeconomic stability Didenko, Iryna Viktorivna; Yefimenko, Alina Yuriivna Article 23481 64753
2021 Vocational training costs and economic benefits: exploring the interactions Samoliuk, N.; Bilan, Yurii Valentynovych; Mishchuk, H. Article -260671709 504050448
2009 Актуальні проблеми фінансування дефіциту державного бюджету України Лопаткіна, І.В. Conference Papers 1239752 431368
2008 Аналіз монетарної політики: порівняння України та країн ОТП Домрачев, В.М.; Раєвський, К.Є. Article 1494397311 2048963256