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2014 Influence of Structural Features and Physico-chemical Properties of Metal-carbon Nanocomposites with Ferromagnetic Metal Inclusions on Microwave Radiation Kozhitov, L.; Kuzmenko, A.; Muratov, D.; Rodionov, V.; Popkova, A.; Yakushko, E.; Dobromyslov, M. Article 28071355 2334
2014 Multiangular and Spectral Ellipsometry for Semiconductor Nanostructures Classification Goloborodko, A.A.; Epov, M.V; Robur, L.Y; Rodionova, T.V. Article 6619955 1397
2014 On Properties of Magneto-dielectric Composites in the Effective Medium Approximation Morchenko, A.T.; Panina, L.V.; Podgornaya, S.V.; Kostishyn, V.G.; Ryapolov, P.A. Article 54559770 1372
2011 Optical Characteristics and Composition of Cd1 – xMnxTe Films Obtained by the Close Spaced Sublimation Technique Kosiak, Volodymyr Volodymyrovych; Opanasiuk, Anatolii Serhiiovych; Koval, P.V.; Fochuk, P.M.; Starikov, V.V. Article 2306544 1261189
2013 Optical Losses of Thin Solar Cells on the Basis of n-ZnS / p-CdTe and n-CdS / p-CdTe Heterojunctions Dobrozhan, O.A.; Berestok, T.O.; Kurbatov, D.I.; Opanasyuk, A.S.; Opanasyuk, N.M.; Nefedchenko, V.F. Conference Papers 47427 706
2011 The Penetration Effect in Anisotropic Stratified Structure With Losses and Frequency Dispersion Vytovtov, K.A.; Sydorenko, O.A. Article 133161 95625
2015 Диагностика реконструкции поверхности золота методами многоугловой эллипсометрии Голобородько, А.А.; Крылов, А.В.; Робур, Л.И. Article 13333 8343