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2017 Analog Behavioral Modeling of Schottky Diode Using Spice Messaadi, L.; Dibi, Z. Article 1285760 599026
2011 Barrier inhomogeneities of Al/p-In2Te3 thin film Schottky diodes Desai, R.R.; Lakshminarayana, D.; Sachdeva, Ramesh; Patel, P.B.; Panchal, C.J.; Desai, M.S.; Padha, N. Article 125032212 29311900
2022 Electrical Study of Au/GaN/GaAs (100) Structures as a Function of Frequency Benamara, A.M.; Kacha, A.H.; Talbi, A.; Akkal, B.; Benamara, Z.; Belarouci, S. Article 659208 676878
2015 Extracted Electronic Parameters of a Novel Ag/SnO2:In/Si/Au Schottky Diode for Solar Cell Application Benhaliliba, Mostefa Article 12208836 10482502
2023 Laser-Induced Modification of the Morphology and Defect Structure of Heterostructures Based on Detector-Grade CdTe Crystals Gnatyuk, V.; Maslyanchuk, O.; Strebezhev, V.; Fodchuk, I.; Solovan, M.; Sorokatyi, M.; Boledzyuk, I.; Kuzmin, A. Article 15682 3085
2022 Mechanisms of Current Generation in Graphene/p-CdTe Schottky Diodes Koziarskyi, I.P.; Ilashchuk, M.I.; Orletskyi, I.G.; Myroniuk, L.A.; Myroniuk, D.V.; Maistruk, E.V.; Koziarskyi, D.P.; Strelchuk, V.V. Article 5023 4665
2020 Optimization of the Electrical Characteristics of the Au/n-type InN/InP Schottky Diode Based on the Contact Technique of Different Diameters Bey, A. Baghdad; Talbi, A.; Berka, M.; Benamara, M.A.; Ducroquet, F.; Khediri, A.H.; Benamara, Z. Article 5945 3413
2012 Simulation Based Analysis of Temperature Effect on Breakdown Voltage of Ion Implanted Co/n-Si Schottky Diode Kumar, Vibhor; Akhtar, J.; Singh, Kulwant; Maan, Anup Singh Article -1400634378 -1386257265
2011 Temperature dependent I-V characteristics of Ag/p-Sn0.2Se0.8 thin film Schottky barrier diode Patel, K.K.; Patel, M.; Patel, K.D.; Solanki, G.K.; Pathak, V.M.; Srivastava, R. Article 34765220 37515421