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2021 Information technologies and artificial intelligence as tools to combat corruption Bozhenko, Viktoriia Volodymyrivna; Petrenko, K. Conference Papers 144 26
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2008 Methodological foundations for the modernization of banking supervision in Ukraine on the basis of leading indicators Diakonova, Iryna Ivanivna Article 635674 386057
2013 Modeling the dynamics stability of Ukrainian banking system Козьменко, О.В.; Kuzmenko, Olha Vitaliivna Article 23011 34781
2021 Modeling the integral taxonomic indicator of the efficiency of bank activity Дегтяр, А.К.; Dehtiar, А.К. Bachelous Paper 2942 3276
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2018 The Algerian bank between eco-regulations and development of customer loyalty Khadidja, Z.; Bachir, B. Article 3519196 3620550
2012 The evolution development of the Ukraine banking system Mordan, Yevheniia Yuriivna Article 33744 341
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2014 The impact of banking consolidation on systemic risk in the banking system of Ukraine Богма, С.Д. Article 996 83
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2013 The modern systems of business intelligence as a component of decision making support in Ukrainian banking system Domrachev, V.; Lyubich, O.; Kostetsky, R. Conference Papers 4886 1279
2017 The notion and content of financial system in the context of financial law of Ukraine Chernadchuk, Viktor Dmytrovych; Sukhonos, Viktor Volodymyrovych; Shkolnyk, Inna Oleksandrivna Article 160676 24899
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2009 The problems and perspectives of the banking system development: a glance into the future Yanev, D. Conference Papers 1473 360