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2017 An American Fail: Reflections of a U.S. Man Abroad Quam, Ph. Conference Papers 95550 96614
2022 Analysis of stakeholder interaction patterns in implementing the third mission of universities as an element of leadership strategy development Shvindina, Hanna Oleksandrivna; Petrushenko, Yurii Mykolaiovych; Balahurovska, I.; Onopriienko, K. Article 28672116 8101632
2023 Assessing oracy skills in online courses Liashenko, Iryna Volodymyrivna Article 914 106
2020 Assessment and influence of afamily physician on the health status of the population of amalgamated territorial communities Potseluiev, Volodymyr Ivanovych Article 10076410 10927024
2011 Bank communikation processes management Rozkoshna, O.A.; Bondarenko, Alla Fedorivna Article -1346615254 23627678
2021 The Basics of Speech Communication Theory Ushchapovska, Iryna Vasylivna Learning Object 723197630 1617965322
2000 "Brown – Nosing" and Communication Dorda, Svitlana Volodymyrivna Article 275496107 148469500
2018 Building communication skills in German and French on the basis of business English Kozlovska, Hanna Borysivna; Otroshchenko, Larysa Stepanivna; Skarlupina, Yuliia Anatoliivna Schoolbook 1023520951 -315463048
2021 Communication in law: how to overcome some obstacles Motuzna. A., Conference Papers 983588664 1938322597
2021 The Communication in the Algerian Company: is a Technical Tool or a Managerial Practice? Case of the Internal Communication in a Financial Company of BADR Ibtissem, G.; Radia, B. Article 534627992 1226044413
2016 Communicative Orientation of Proper Names in English Fairy Tale Discourse Nazarenko, Olena Viacheslavivna; Ivanenko, O.; Vitchenko, V. Article 1020516359 -230871514
2017 Cultural Aspect of Communication and Translation Semeniuk, A.A. Article 1930695097 -2077721390
2010 Culture – the fifth language skill Turchyna, Tamara Vasylivna Article 1634947349 43665563
2019 Digital-реклама як жанр: етичні параметри реалізації Досенко, А. Article 185570330 193237402
2023 Gender issues in formal communication translation Nazarenko, Olena Viacheslavivna; Nikolenko, A. Conference Papers 109 31
2018 Gestik als Kommunikationsmittel Yermolenko, Svitlana Vasylivna; Hannoshchenko, S.V.; Myklashchuk, V.P.; Titareva, V.S. Article -1024394200 -1693056288
2020 The impact of globalization on communication Shapoval, V.; Troian, Mariia Yuriivna Conference Papers 1020487 4886110
2022 The Impact of Setting up a Cloud Computing Solution on Small and Medium Organization’s Management: A Qualitative Study Djamila, T.A.; Abdelatif, M. Article -1525210211 -996600825
2021 Improving company communication activity amidst the СOVID-19 restrictions Bondar, Tetiana Viktorivna; Kyslyy, V.; Kabluchko, Ye.; Lieonov, H. Article 117394342 220627151
2020 Innovations in Human Resource Management: Impact of Social Media Use on Employees’ Performance Alkhateeb, M.; Abdalla, R. Article 981579 2534469