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2021 Analysis of students' somatic health and emotional state during sports games classes Shaposhnikova, I.I.; Korsun, S.M.; Arefieva, L.P.; Kostikova, O.V.; Serhiienko, Volodymyr Mykolaiovych; Korol, Svitlana Anatoliivna; Riabchenko, V.G. Article 990307124 2104480353
2017 Analysis of the functional state of students in the process of healthy training exercises in different phases of the ovarian-menstrual cycle Petrenko, Nataliia Volodymyrivna; Petrenko, Olena Pavlivna; Romanova, Viktoriia Borysivna; Ostapenko, Valentyna Vasylivna Article 144802671 208168489
2022 Assessing Students’ Perspectives Towards Entrepreneurship in South Africa Msosa, S.K. Article -1915606938 46374919
2024 Attitudes Towards New Career Approaches among Working Students: A Comparative Analysis with Nonstudent Employees Ozturk, U.; Yildirim, E. Article 1786 912
2017 Building a healthy lifestyle of students Polishchuk, T.V.; Gubko, M.V. Conference Papers 809356789 368376304
2017 Choreography in the process of physical education of students in Polish universities Dolgova, Nataliia Oleksandrivna; Lourens, N.V. Conference Papers 143198007 81519735
2019 Competence Development of Young Entrepreneurs Through Educational Innovations Titko, J.; Bierne, J. Article 671528102 650565112
2012 Correlations of somatometric parameters bodies and indices of physical development of students sumy region Shepieliev, Anatolii Yehorovych Article 307504608 -1542120524
2023 Determinants of Technopreneurial Intention Among University Students: Individual Entrepreneurial Orientation (IEO) as Mediator Koe, W.-L.; Rahim, M.R.A.; Mahphoth, M.H. Article 134211733 181037926
2020 The "Duales Studium" Adaptation as an Innovation in Ukrainian Tertiary Education: Management Aspects and Results Davlikanova, O.; Hofstetter, H. Article 1352551969 160178242
2022 Exployting TikTok in teaching English: SWOT analysis of application Otroshchenko, Larysa Stepanivna; Medvedovska, Dar`ia Oleksandrivna Article -356732526 -2129924179
2020 Forming students’ cognitive creative independence in heuristic professionally oriented situations Mikhno, Svitlana Vasylivna Conference Papers 3442001 4437388
2024 Health promotion of medical students Korzh, V.M. Conference Papers 43 41
2020 Historical Heroes of modern Ukrainian Students Kamionka, Mateush Article 1006682126 1541982869
2021 The Impact of Nutritional Quality on the Students’ Health Griban, G.P.; Smiianov, Vladyslav Anatoliiovych; Lyakhova, N.A.; Tkachenko, P.P.; Harlinska, A.M.; Dovgan, N.Yu.; Karpiuk, R.P.; Brytan, Y.A. Article 954486630 366540591
2018 Management of educational innovations: effects of infusing "critical thinking" into islamic finance curricula Olorogun, L.; Yunusa, N.; Audu, H.G.; Mohammed, A.A. Article 2083997541 -389209751
2023 Methodology for creating students’ personal brands through career-oriented language courses Mikhno, Svitlana Vasylivna; Zolotova, Svitlana Hryhorivna Conference Papers 3095 3775
2014 Morphological parameters of athletes in Sumy region Shepieliev, Anatolii Yehorovych Article 152915690 80199225
2014 Neurotic conditions of students Pisna, T.I. Conference Papers 2194926 1585800
2017 Open Course Ware як сучасний метод самостійної підготовки студентів при вивченні іноземних мов (латинської) Nefedchenko, Oksana Illivna Conference Papers 1029097793 1087729048