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2017 Age features of the power spectrum of alpha-band eeg during complex mental activities Golub, M.V. Conference Papers 16 10
2019 Age-dependent cardioprotective action of meldonium on heart remodeling under the experimental hypoosmolar hyperhydration Yarmolenko, Olha Serhiivna; Sikora, Vitalii Zinoviiovych; Bumeister, Valentyna Ivanivna; Prykhodko, Olha Oleksiivna; Demikhova, Nadiia Volodymyrivna; Bumeister, L. Article 31 10
2019 Age-specific features of cardioprotective action of meldonium under the experimental severe hypoosmolar hyperhydration Demikhova, Nadiia Volodymyrivna; Yarmolenko, Olha Serhiivna; Prykhodko, Olha Oleksiivna; Bumeister, Valentyna Ivanivna Article 9 1
2009 AIDS - black death of the XXI century Horobchenko, Nelia Heorhiivna Conference Papers 367 440
2016 Aktywnosc fizyczna, a poziom wskaznikow somatycznych studentow umcs w Lublinie Krawczyk, K.; Bielecki, T. Conference Papers 351 229
2012 Albert Von Haller - the greate anatomist Devis, S.E. Conference Papers 137 121
2010 Alcogol abuse amond minors and their effects on organism Romaniuk, Oksana Kostiantynivna; Ahmed, Heblo; Ossein, Amed Conference Papers 296 262
2016 Alcohol consumption features among pupils from temporary disintegrated families Turcan, L.V.; Gisca, V.M. Conference Papers 19 10
2008 Aliis inserviendo consumer світлій пам`яті видатного лікаря, вченого, педагога, людини Pavliuk, Petro Oleksandrovych; Snitsar, Andrii Olehovych; Chemych, Mykola Dmytrovych Conference Papers 1049 1065
2015 Aluminum, cadmium and lead content in serum and erythrocytes in newborns with disturbance kidney function due to asphyxia Loboda, Andrii Mykolaiovych Article 66 36
2017 Amiodaron-induced thyroid dysfunction in patients with ischemic heart disease Fadieieva, Hanna Anatoliivna; Damodaran, М. Conference Papers 17 2
2012 Amlodipine in patients with arterial hypertension and hypertensive nephropathy Pryvalova, A.O. Conference Papers 154 249
2015 Amyloidosis in aorta wall and heart valves afected by atherosclerosis Moskalenko, Roman Andriiovych; Iashlichyn, I.; Chernov, E. Conference Papers 31 31
2016 Amyloidosis in the cardiovascular system Getmans’ka, V. Conference Papers 25 23
2018 An attempt to correct myocardial morphological changes on an animal experimental model of hypoosomalar hyperhydration by means of meldonium Yarmolenko, Olha Serhiivna; Bumeister, Valentyna Ivanivna; Prykhodko, Olha Oleksiivna; Demikhova, Nadiia Volodymyrivna; Bumeister, L. Conference Papers 19 12
2015 An outstanding anatomist N.I. Pirogov Freeman, Udegchri Omogchene; Charreson, Edafedgeme Efe Conference Papers 30 33
2016 Analysis of association Lys198Asn polymorphism of EDN1 gene with risk factors of ischemic atherothrombotic stroke in the Ukrainian population Oleshko, Tetiana Bohdanivna; Svyrydenko, Diana Yuriivna; Yurchenko, Viktoriia Serhiivna; Obukhova, Olha Anatoliivna; Harbuzova, Viktoriia Yuriivna Conference Papers 36 17
2011 Analysis of atmospheric air in major industrial cities of Lugansk region Achanta, H.; Chinnachowdary, S.R.; Vyun, G.I.; Vitrishchak, S.V. Conference Papers 321 287
2011 Analysis of blood inflammatory markers for detection of acute appendicitis in children Ovechkin, Denys Viacheslavovych; Zaitsev, Ihor Eduardovych; Agyiri, B.N. Conference Papers 568 472
2017 Analysis of epidemic influenza morbidity in Chernivtsi region Moskaliuk, V.D.; Golyar, O.I. Conference Papers 14 5