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2018 Actual problems of access to justice in the context of the creation in Ukraine of the high court of intellectual property Lohvynenko, Mykola Ivanovych; Jumaev, M. Article 4684 216
2021 Business Ombudsman as an Institution for Improving Compliance with the Rule of Law Principles Steblianko, Alina Volodymyrivna; Wilson, O. Article 1375 4
2021 Constitutional Status of the Head of State and Its Regulation in National Legislation Kalachyk, M.V.; Greenberg, E. Article 458 1
2021 Content of the Job Description: Features and Areas of Concern Kyselova, Olena Ivanivna; Корощенко, К.Р.; Робсон, Г. Article 1004831989 -407978419
2018 Cпеціалізація суду, як тенденція сучасного права Малетов, Д.В. Article 8700 8974
2017 Cучасний стан та перспективи державного регулювання за платіжними системами в Україні Starynskyi, Mykola Volodymyrovych; Логвин, М.В. Article 5889 241
2016 Employment of Population as an Object of the State Policy of Ukraine Naida, I.V. Article 6326 224
2021 General principles of organization and activity of judges in Ukraine Harust, Yurii Vitaliiovych; Myrhorod-Karpova, Valeriia Valeriivna Article 3906 119
2020 International law on space tourism implementation Bulgakova, D. Article 2286 876
2021 International Legal Standards of Prosecutorial Activity and Status of Prosecutors: Implementation in Ukraine and in Individual Member States of the European Union Amelin, A. Article 353 3
2021 Legal Means of Combating Corruption in Europe and Ukraine Whitney, C.; Herschman, S. Article 272 2
2016 Legal Protection of Controlled Entities on the Basis of the Polish Act on Freedom of Business Activity Hołda-Wydrzyńska, A. Article 5265 240
2021 Legal Regulation of Land Relations in the Context of Canadian Legislation Kovach, B. Article 1380 2
2016 Main problems of modern inheritance law Honcharova, Alina Viacheslavivna; Ulviyye, Aydin Article 28271 399
2016 Mediator tactics and techniques in dealing with power imbalance in business mediation Vodopian, T.V. Article 26115 3963
2016 Must Be Reformed, Cannot Leave Prokopenko, P.S. Article 5864 174
2016 On some aspects as to reorganization of public joint-stock companies Shevchenko, O.V. Article 29946 30553
2021 On Some Issues Concerning Section 4.5. “Crimes Against Human Will and Dignity” of the Draft Criminal Code of Ukraine Politova, A.S.; Akimov, M. Article 709 2
2020 Priority directions and ways for implementation of ukraine's humanitarian policy systems Pakhomov, Volodymyr Vasylovych; Karikh, Ihor Volodymyrovych Article 580 33
2016 Problems and prospects of the financial system of Ukraine Korzhova, V.E. Article 10933 503