Business Ethics and Leadership (BEL) [134]

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2020 Mediating Effects of Stakeholders and Supervision on Corporate Social Responsibility Wang, F.; Lo, J.; Lam, M. Article 27 21
2019 Moderating Effects of Contextual and Individual Factors on the Relationship between Cultural Precedents and Marketing – Related Norms Moradi, M.; Zihagh, F. Article 71 64
2018 Moderating Influence of Strategic Human Resources Management Practices on Small-Medium Firm Performance Akpoviroro, K.S.; Olalekan, A.; Alhaji, S.A. Article 230 215
2019 Motivation and Job Satisfaction in Organizations: A Study of University of Africa and Market Square Company, Bayelsa State Sapele, F.F.; Idoniboye-Obu, S.A. Article 42 1
2019 New Trends in Behavioral Economics: A Content Analysis of Social Communications of Youth Nur-Al-Ahad, Md.; Nusrat, S. Article 95 82
2019 Perceived Effective Business Ethics through Leadership and Cultural Competence in the United States Kasztelnik, K.; Brown, D. Article 270 246
2018 Performance Appraisal Fundamentals, Practices and Challenges in Public Sector: Case of Adigrat Town, Ethiopia Balaraman, P.; Gebre, T.; Berhe, G.; Priya, K. Article 343 438
2018 Personal and Social Perception of Occupational Hazards by Health Care Workers: A Study among Radiographers Rajan, D. Article 234 264
2019 Private Investment and Business Opportunities in Ethiopia: A Case Study of Mettu Town in Ethiopia Singh, S.N. Article 43 34
2017 Public financial services transparency Logan, W.; Esmanov, O. Article 1085 1095
2017 Public Policy for Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance for Sustainable Tourism Development in Greece Taliouris, E.; Trihas, N. Article 520 574
2018 Relationship between Organization Culture and Managers’ Performance: Empirical Study of a Chinese University Ong, Y.; Yue, W. Article 630 670
2019 Relationship of Corporate Governance and Efficiency of Selected Public and Private Sector Banks in India Agnihotri, A.; Gupta, S. Article 1328 1310
2018 Resilience: Transform adverse events into an opportunity for growth and economic sustainability through the adjustment of emotions Greco, F. Article 609 560
2020 The Role of Organizational Culture in Job Satisfaction and Turnover: A Study of Pakistani Employees Abbas, A; Khan, R.; Ishaq, F.; Mehmood, K. Article 56 43
2017 Scientific and methodical approaches to determining the center-orientation of financial conglomerates with the factor and cluster analysis Vasylieva, Tetiana Anatoliivna; Kozyriev, Vadym Anatoliiovych Article 221 185
2018 Shaping Virtues Leadership to Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. Insights from a Case Study Baldo, M.D. Article 234 258
2018 Social Inclusion of Women Entrepreneurs in Informal Sector of Uttar Pradesh Singh, C.; Lall, A. Article 72 72
2019 Social Preferences, Goal Orientation and Team Performance Alsua, C.J.; Palacios-Fenech, J.; Ramirez, J. Article 79 70
2017 Soft Skills and Job Opportunities of Migrants: Systemic Relationships in the Labor Market Bardy, R.; Rubens, A.; Eberle, P. Article 929 813