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2019Innovative development of the regions: cooperation between enterprises and state institutionsTyukhtenko, N.; Makarenko, S.; Oliinyk, N.; Gluc, K.; Portugal, E.; Rybachok, S.Article158
2019Implications of Effective Conflict Management on Organizational Performance: Case Study of Nigerian Bottling Company PLCAdewole, Adeyinka Joseph; Ogunyemi, Kayode Joseph; Otapo, Toyin W.Article3615
2019Innovative Approaches to Evaluation of Concentration of the Banking System as a Basis of Improving the State Crisis ManagementVasiljeva, T.; Stadnyk, A.Article2615
2019Фінансова система як об’єкт управління фонду державного майна УкраїниMyrhorod-Karpova, Valeriia Valeriivna; Шрамко, І.П.Article2419
2019The Innovative Experience of the Republic of Moldova in Reforming the Accounting System and Its Harmonization with IFRS and Europeans DirectivesGrigoroi, L.; Muntean, N.Article3629
2019Theoretical and Methodical Approaches to the Definition of Marketing Risks Management Concept at Industrial EnterprisesTkachenko, V.; Kwilinski, A.; Tkachenko, I.; Puzyrova, P.Article6463
2019Innovative Sharing Economy’s Business Models in Tourism: Case of Airbnb in PragueKrajcik, V.; Kljucnikov, A.; Rihova, E.Article89107
2019Innovative Trends in Human Resources Management: Evidence for the Health Care SystemGallo, P.; Mihalcova, B.; Vegsoova, O.; Dzurov-Vargova, T.; Busova, N.Article324119
2019The Impact of Socio-economic Factors on the Management of Agro-cooperatives in Local CommunitiesPetrushenko, Yurii Mykolaiovych; Ponomarenko, Oksana Serhiivna; Bohmova, L.; Bykhovets, O.V.; Kotiuk, L.V.Article44
2019Management of Digital Information Technologies in Digital EconomyIvanova, V.V.Article100
2018Legal prerequisites of the management of natural resources of the Moon and other celestial bodiesNyka, M.Article2012
2018Методичний інструментарій оцінювання рівня інноваційної активності підприємств ресторанного господарстваГросул, В.А.; Зубков, С.О.; Іванова, Т.П.Article1811
2018Risk and cost of sovereign debt in the member states of the European Union as a factor of their economy developmentPulay, G.Z.Article143
2018Випереджальний аналіз факторів ризику розвитку промислових підприємствШандова, Н.В.Article1212
2018Management and motivation of human resources in case of a Slovak multinational corporationMachova, R.; Kosar, S.T.; Hevesi, A.Article3046
2018Work safety management - social and educational contextPiatek, T.Article124
2018Public-private partnership as the innovative instrument of effective management of Belarusian agro-industrial complexTsetsiatynets, T.; Chizh, D.Article166
2018Strategic Human Resource Practices and its Impact on Performance towards Achieving Organizational GoalsKhan, Y.Article3739
2018Management of renewable energy innovative development in Ukrainian households: problems of financial supportSotnyk, I.; Shvets, I.; Momotiuk, L.; Chortok, Y.Article258
2018Innovative project management: EU common defence policyLewicki, W.J.Article1413