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Title Formation of Public Opinion on Organ Donation in Ukraine
Authors Khomenko, Liliia Mykolaivna  
Kwilinski, A.
Karpishchenko, N.
Keywords донорство органів
organ donation
соціальний маркетинг
social marketing
громадська думка
public opinion
Type Article
Date of Issue 2021
Publisher Sumy State University
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
Citation Khomenko, L., Kwilinski, A., & Karpishchenko, N. (2021). Formation of Public Opinion on Organ Donation in Ukraine. Health Economics and Management Review, 2(4), 52-61.
Abstract The main purpose of the research is to analyze public opinion on organ donation in Ukraine among the population aged 18-44. Systematization of literary sources and approaches to the issue of organ donation indicates that there is a shortage of organ donors in Ukraine. The relevance of the decision on this scientific problem is that public awareness campaigns need to develop the transplant system in Ukraine. The research methods are used: questionnaire, statistical analysis, analysis of the legal framework, and comparison. The research object is the population aged 18-44 living in the Sumy region. The paper presents the results of a study on respondents’ level of awareness and attitude toward organ donation. An online survey of young people aged 18-44 living in the Sumy region was conducted on 4-11 February 2021 to obtain opinions on organ donation. A sample is 196 people. The idea of developing organ donation in Ukraine was supported by 79.1% of respondents. Moreover, 19% of respondents have not yet decided on their attitude. Only 20.9% of respondents believe that Ukraine has highly qualified doctors and appropriate equipment, and other answers indicate a low level of trust in medicine. Most of the negative information about donations comes from television and social networks. 44.2% of respondents are not yet ready to fill in the consent for the donation of certain bodies, 48.8% – gave a positive answer, and 7% will not fill in the consent at all. In general, young people living in Sumy believe that the transplant system should be implemented in Ukraine because it is an important component of saving people, and they want to save other people’s lives. However, distrust in doctors’ qualifications and the impact of negative information on television and social networks are not yet ready to complete a donation agreement. The research empirically confirms and theoretically proves that a group of people has not defined their attitude to organ donation. It is expedient to direct awareness campaigns to them to promote organ donation in Ukraine. The research results can be helpful for organizations that promote organ donation in Ukraine.
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