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2018 Analitical view of online marketing tools in the dimension of marketing campaigns' personalization in Slovakia Gavurova, B.; Bacik, R.; Fedorko, R.; Rigelsky, M. Article 1708572131 697265024
2021 Can Negative Word-of-Mouth Have Any Impact on Brand Sustainability? Kakalejcik, L.; Fedorko, R.; Gavurova, B.; Bacik, R. Article 2023710617 459150466
2021 Differences in the Perceived Financial Risk Factors between Digital Natives in the E-Commerce Fedorko, R.; Skerhakova, V.; Markova, S.; Bacik, R.; Fejercak, L. Article 286295322 852913451
2024 Examination of Content Types and Social Media Engagement Indicators on Facebook: Case Analysis of a 5-Star Hotels of Visegrad Group Countries Nastisin, L.; Fedorko, R.; Gavurova, B.; Bacik, R. Article 7 6
2022 Gender Differences in the Perception of Motivations for Consumer’s Online Brand-Related Activities and Their Impacts on Instagram Nastisin, L.; Jura, A.; Fedorko, R.; Kopor, I. Article 369896 1255015
2020 Hotel Marketing Policy: Role of Rating in Consumer Decision Making Bacik, R.; Fedorko, R.; Gavurova, B.; Olearova, M.; Rigelsky, M. Article 1189180 317445587
2019 Impact of Ancillary Services on the Hotel Rating in Visegrad Group Countries Fedorko, R.; Bacik, R.; Olearova, M.; Rigelsky, M.; Breyl, P. Article 357821917 505065754
2020 Using Digital Devices in the Online Shopping: a Study of Demographic Differences Bacik, R.; Gavurova, B.; Fedorko, R.; Olearova, M. Article 1362862543 -1232756918