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2019 Changing in Consumer Loyalty as a Reaction for EU Integration in Slovakia Korcsmaros, E.; Machova, R.; Šeben, Z.; Feher, L. Article 925294351 1099775398
2022 Employee Satisfaction and Motivation of Retail Store Employees Machova, R.; Zsigmond, T.; Zsigmondova, A.; Seben, Z. Article 476061796 518898233
2023 Examination of the Tourism Market after the COVID19 – Travel Habits of Generation Y and Z in Slovakia and Hungary Basa, K.; Machova, R.; Boros, A. Article 29487134 50087298
2024 Examining the Relationship between Innovation Activity and Corporate Cooperation among Small and Medium-sized Business Operating in the Slovak ICT Sector Korcsmaros, E.; Machova, R.; Csereova, A. Article 43 34
2023 Factors Affecting the Consumer Behaviour of Gluten Sensitive Consumers – A Pilot Study Zsigmond, T.; Feher, L.; Machova, R.; Kovacs, Sz. Article 71 130
2021 International Overview of Business Profiles from the Perspective of Instagram Users Machova, R.; Santa, K.; Basa, P. Article -1235328787 1071002314
2018 Management and motivation of human resources in case of a Slovak multinational corporation Machova, R.; Kosar, S.T.; Hevesi, A. Article -1314655993 528425663
2019 Promotion of Euro Introduction in Slovakia: Financial Literacy of Generation X and Y Korcsmaros, E.; Seben, Z.; Machova, R.; Feher, L. Article 465134912 1068256192
2021 The Regional Innovations Governance: Slovakia with Regard to Convergence Criteria Korcsmaros, E.; Machova, R.; Seben, Z.; Zsigmond, T. Article 30951090 98317105