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2017 Automated Translation Systems as an Integral Part of the Modern Process of Professional Translation Shchyglo, Larysa Volodymyrivna; Strilko, A.L. Conference Papers 15884490 29372439
2007 Cловотворчий потенціал дієслівних основ з категоріальним значенням активного руху в сучасній німецькій мові Shchyglo, Larysa Volodymyrivna Article 560795790 1834597606
2014 Cпецифіка словотвірної комбінаторики основи слова Shchyglo, Larysa Volodymyrivna; Chulanova, Halyna Valeriivna Article 179460650 218377456
2013 Derivation potential of verbal bases with categorial meaning of active movement in the modern german Shchyglo, Larysa Volodymyrivna Article 31395382 25845065
2018 Development of Word-Formation Processes in the German Language Shchyglo, Larysa Volodymyrivna Article 343911783 173767969
2017 Diachronic Aspects of Word-Formation System in the German Language Shchyglo, Larysa Volodymyrivna Article 453660768 163526603
2016 Essay on methodology of language researcн Shchyglo, Larysa Volodymyrivna Article -782096512 649490322
2022 Interdisciplinarity as an innovative dominant of the philological research Shchyglo, Larysa Volodymyrivna; Brovkina, Oksana Volodymyrivna Book chapter 5832387 2623841
2022 Interdisciplinary dimension of the modern English-language penitentiary discourse research Shchyglo, Larysa Volodymyrivna; Volyk, A. Article 7146 14390
2015 Interkulturelle kommunikation und linguistik Shchyglo, Larysa Volodymyrivna; Ozkan, A. Conference Papers 152172466 197078651
2023 The phenomenon of language manipulation in foreign policy discourse: a linguosynergistic perspective Shchyglo, Larysa Volodymyrivna; Korovai, M. Conference Papers 45920 34799
2019 Semantico-stylistic pecularities of colors in phraseological system of the German language Shchyglo, Larysa Volodymyrivna; Abdullaieva, A.; Antipova, A. Article -882380268 -1820650173
2020 Structural-semantic features and translation specifics of German phraseological units with a colorative component Shchyglo, Larysa Volodymyrivna; Antipova, A. Article 724805064 1011160583
2013 Studying of motivational relations of lexical units Shchyglo, Larysa Volodymyrivna Conference Papers 432612055 337361696
2021 Terminology as an Object of Professional Discourse Research Shchyglo, Larysa Volodymyrivna; Chaika, Y.I.; Chaika, T.Y. Article -1633601396 -1510570269
2016 The evolution of german abstract noun suffixes Shchyglo, Larysa Volodymyrivna Article -1236112114 -1929792840
2016 The Formation and the Evolution of Suffixation in the Sphere of German Substantive Word-Formation Shchyglo, Larysa Volodymyrivna Article 315481076 24552490
2015 The problem of American slang translation into Ukrainian Shchyglo, Larysa Volodymyrivna; Boroda, V.G.; Kartava, K.R. Conference Papers -1029066062 1110785881
2014 The transformation peculiarities of poetic structure of Shakespeare’s sonnet 30 in Ukrainian translation Shchyglo, Larysa Volodymyrivna; Zakharchuk, T.V.; Koval’ova, L.M. Article 2073605574 1675255411
2014 The ways of the translation of German verbal adjectives into the English language Mykytenko, A.; Shchyglo, Larysa Volodymyrivna Conference Papers 19032363 11220070