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2020 Innovations in Management of the Complementary Develipment of the Territories Adjusted to the River Cargo Transportation Krykavskyy, Y.; Prokopenko, O.; Shandrivska, O.; Vasyltsiv, N.; Nycz-Wojtan, S. Article 19 14
2020 Innovation Management and Automated Accounting in the Chaotic Storage Logistics Zadorozhnyi, Z.-M.; Muravskyi, V.; Pochynok, N.; Hrytsyshyn, A. Article 109 60
2020 Innovations in Construction Waste Management: Case of Latvia Tambovceva, T.; Urbane, V.; Ievins, J. Article 92 36
2020 Customer Satisfaction and Behaviour at Retail Outlets: an Adaptive Fuzzy Regression Model with LINGO Based Analysis Rizwanullah, Mohd; Abunar, Salah; Qazi, Sayeeduzzafar Article 40 29
2020 Management of Innovation of the Economic Potential of the Rural Enterprises Partlova, P.; Strakova, J.; Vachal, J.; Pollak, F.; Dobrovic, J. Article 57 27
2020 The Role of CRM Fog Computing on Innovation and Customer Service Quality: an Empirical Study Aljawarneh, Nader Mohammad; Sokiyna, Munsif; Obeidat, Abdallah Mishael; Alomari, Khaled Abdel Kader; Alradaideh, Ahmad Tawfig; Alomari, Ziyad Saleh Article 227 181
2020 Innovations in Management Forecast: Time Development of Stock Prices with Neural Networks Vochozka, M.; Horak, J.; Krulicky, T. Article 70 40
2020 Innovation Ecosystems for the Moldovan Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Ubreziova, I.; Diacikova, A.; Sokil, O.; Apostol, S. Article 47 32
2020 Effect of Insert Angles on Cutting Tool Geometry Shvets, Stanislav Volodymyrovych; Astakhov, V.P. Article 17 9
2020 Innovations in Management of Banks Deposit Portfolio: Structure of Customer Deposit Andros, S.; Akimova, L.; Butkevich, O. Article 34 13
2020 Employee Advocacy as a Marketing Strategy to Power Brand Promotion: an Employee Perspective Thomas, T. Article 157 126
2020 Innovations in Workforce Management: Challenges in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Safrankova, J.M.; Sikyr, M.; Skypalova, R. Article 156 124
2020 Innovations in Human Resources Management: Instruments to Eliminate Mobbing Vveinhardt, J.; Sroka, W. Article 121 73
2020 The Future of TV Advertising Targeting Young Slovak Consumers Miklosik, A.; Starchon, P.; Vokounova, D.; Korcokova, M. Article 79 48
2020 Роль сучасних дистанційних форм навчання в розвитку англомовних комунікативних компетенцій Medvid, Olena Mykolaivna; Podolkova, Svitlana Vitaliivna; Khodtseva, Alla Oleksandrivna Article 3 0
2020 Innovations as the Competitive Advantage for Small and Medium Enterprises: the Case for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Alghanmi, A.O. Article 59 33
2020 The Model for Selection of Innovation and Investment Strategy of Machine-Building Enterprises: Practical Aspect Sorochak, O.; Kvak, S.; Gvozd, M. Article 24 12
2020 Business Model Management of Low-Cost: in a Search for Impact-Factors of Performance (Case of AirAsia Group Airlines) Wu, Chen-Yuh; Heiets, I.; Shvindina, Hanna Oleksandrivna Article 436 370
2020 Management of agriculture innovations: Role in Economic Development Sira, E.; Pukala, R. Article 81 34
2020 Financial Innovation Management: Loan Price in the Crowdfunding and Peer-To-Peer Lending Platforms Keliuotytė-Staniulėnienė, G.; Kukarėnaitė, M. Article 57 35