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2017 Aid and Governance: issues in developing countries Sahqani, G.B. Article 1840 1712
2016 Application of the lean concept as a prerequisite for a tourist business development Madgerova, R.H.; Kyurova, V.V.; Atanasova, A.V. Article 1114 980
2020 Association analysis between BGLAP rs1800247polymorphic variant and type 2 diabetes mellitus development among non-obese Ukrainians Chumachenko, Y.; Harbuzova, Viktoriia Yuriivna; Zolotova, Svitlana Hryhorivna Conference Papers 18 15
2016 Classification and analysis of factors that affect stability of oil and gas enterprise staff Zelinska, H.O. Article 1511 1189
2016 Companies' Innovative Development Trends in the Green Economy Derevianko, Yurii Mykolaiovych; Деревьянко, Юрий Николаевич; Lukash, Olha Anatoliivna; Marchenko, T.V. Article 425 365
2017 Competitiveness and innovation performance of regions in Slovak republic Ivanova, E.; Kordos, M. Article 1159 1114
2010 Development of Electronic Government in Ukraine Kyrychenko, Kostiantyn Ivanovych; Terletska, K.I. Presentation 74311 68016
2017 Development of sustainable tourism in the eastern part of Poland Sowier-Kasprzyk, I.; Widawsla-Stanisz, A. Conference Papers 113 171
2013 Duality and Dualism of Economic Systems Melnyk, Leonid Hryhorovych Article 2745 1611
2010 Economic and social effects of trade liberalization in Turkey Lopatkina, I. Article 1113 794
2014 Educational services in sustainable development Finkilshtein, O.V. Conference Papers 211 113
2018 Environmental performance and institutions quality: evidence from developed and developing countries Dkhili, H. Article 13229 12646
2015 Formation components of socio-economic potential of the region Stoyanets, N.V. Article 223 164
2020 Formation of an effective policy of “green” investment as a priority direction of sustainable development of national economy Kozlovska, Hanna Borysivna; Кіріл'єва, А.О. Article 44 40
2015 Identification of the causes of risks under the conditions of innovative development of oil and gas companies Khvostina, I.M.; Pisak, K.V. Article 232 131
2018 Impact of Cooperative Microfinance on the Performance of Women Entrepreneurship in Kwara State Nigeria Akanmu, P.M.; Clement, J.Ol.; Samaila, M. Article 401 406
2015 Industrial systems ecologization as an urgent need and necessity of modern development Tarayevska, L.S.; Chychul, C.-M. M. Article 540 348
2015 Innovative-marketing directions of recreational-tourism industry in Ukraine Shevchenko, Hanna Mykolaivna; Ivanova, T.E. Article 1262 1011
2014 Interdisciplinarity in todays science Semenikhina, M.A. Conference Papers 211 167
2018 Methodical approach to define external environment friendliness level of enterprise development Kosenko, А.; Poberezhnyi, R.; Pantelieiev, M.; Poberezhna, N. Article 130 121