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2015 Analyzing the Frame Model of MAIDAN-concept (Case Study of British Internet-Media Corpus) Yehorova, Olesia Ivanivna; Stepanov, Vitalii Valeriiovych; Stepanov, Vitalii Valeriovych Article 396969630 324141812
2014 Can cultural models for abstract concepts be literal Бокун, І. Article -1669407749 1832326008
2016 Child-friendly school in Ukraine: conceptual framework Yezhova, Olha Oleksandrivna; Petrochko, Zh. V.; Kyrychenko, V. I. Article -261408103 1327340497
2023 The concept of death in British worldview: verbal and textual manifestations Dzherikh, O. Article 4476 4481
2021 The concept of DEATH in modern English-speaking discourse: a linguosynergetic perspective Tatsenko, Nataliia Vitaliivna; Molhamova, Liliia Oleksiivna Article 1861903892 -1203010599
2023 Concepts Through a Linguosynergetic Lens (On the Example of the Concept of Death) Tatsenko, Nataliia Vitaliivna; Molhamova, Liliia Oleksiivna Article 1360 1364
2024 Conceptual approaches to the strategic management of income and expenses of an enterprise Chernodubova, E.V.; Lebedenko, V.O. Article 0 0
2020 Empathy as a self-organized cognitive model: A linguistic synergetic perspective Tatsenko, Nataliia Vitaliivna Article -434441743 270782615
2021 Gender concepts in modern Ukrainian media Chornodon, M. Article -413128653 183281102
2018 Grammatical parameters of the notional modus of EMPATHY concept lexicalised in modern English discourse Tatsenko, Nataliia Vitaliivna Article 318158436 352421150
2017 Indefinite quantity in language and cognition: imagery-evaluative perspective Yehorova, O. Article 333480616 613924175
2017 Language Means of Verbalization of the Ukrainian Mentality (based on Kuzma Skriabin's fairy-tale "Tarasyk, Trolleybus and St. Nicholas") Kulishenko, Liudmyla Anatoliivna; Yaremenko, Liudmyla Mykolaivna Article 1910346046 -2108003563
2019 Mathematical analysis of the concept as a self-organized limitlessly branchable structure (on the basis of the fractal geometry by B. Mandelbrot) Stepanov, Vitalii Valeriiovych Conference Papers 771335021 541822489
2023 The mental consideration of RESILIENCE as a relevant social concept (a corpus-based research of American English) Stepanov, Vitalii Valeriiovych; Reshytko, Anna Dmytrivna; Kobiakova, Iryna Karpivna Article 716 556
2017 Modeling the "Political Life" Frame Concept on the Basis of a Political–Aphorism Corpus Shvachko, Svitlana Oleksiivna; Stepanov, Vitalii Valeriiovych Article -1366725026 1502924822
2017 Modeling the Human Life Frame Concept on the Basis of a Fredrich Nietzsche’s Philosophical-aphorism Corpus Kobiakova, Iryna Karpivna; Shvachko, Svitlana Oleksiivna; Stepanov, V.V. Conference Papers 399996091 -450744248
2021 Modern concepts: from a static to dynamic unit Stepanov, Vitalii Valeriiovych Article -1092441942 1967458224
2015 Modern perspectives of development of «green» economy Chernykhivska, A.V. Article 388021836 -1006859055
2017 Odor qualia of Dagmar Trodler’s individual style Dehtiarova, Larysa Ivanivna; Prykhodko, Nataliia Anatoliivna; Hartsunova, Larysa Ivanivna Article 1312859547 1535505813
2023 Perpetuation of memory as a manifestation of the socio-cultural dimension of the concept of death in monuments of art Molhamova, Liliia Oleksiivna Article 205 146