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2012 Creativity in the Internet Age Freeman, A. Article 4876 8857
2021 Cross-cultural aspects of international business Bieliaieva, V.V. Masters thesis 256 3
2017 Cultural Aspect of Communication and Translation Semeniuk, A.A. Article 5091 2020
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2019 Exploring The Role Of Gastronomy In Tourism Tovmasyan, G. Article 3510 5413
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2019 How To Do India Is An Enigma: A In-Depth Look Into Indian Workers, Consumers And Its Business Culture. Srivastava, R.V. Article 2841 4188
2018 Implicit basis of human corporeality in physical culture Voznyi, Andrii Petrovych Article 26 24
2020 Inclusive Sustainable Development in the Caribbean Region: Social Capital and the Creation of Competitive Advantage in Tourism Networks George, B. Article 743 240
2021 Indigenous Languages Of Nigeria: Current State And Problems Of Conservation Угва, Чімаобі Прінс; Kyselova, Hanna Ivanivna Conference Papers 420 418
2009 Intercultural Communication in the Global Workplace Turchyna, Tamara Vasylivna Conference Papers 62942 183748
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2015 Linguistic and cognitive dimensions of cross-cultural units Tkachenko, Y.Y. Conference Papers 254 229
2017 Qualitative Review of Ethics from Religion, Culture and Corporate Scandals Balaraman, P. Article 12799 12652
2017 Role of culture in translation Rafalovych, N. Conference Papers 566 1595
2016 The cultural influence on the international business Голованова, В.І. Conference Papers 1706 1638
2018 Urban tourism: the perspective on tourism impacts in Cambridge, United Kingdom Hakeem, S.Md.A.; Khan, Md.Y.H. Article 556 1095
2018 Анализ концепта WOMAN в англоязычных пословицах Ovsianko, Olena Leonidivna Article 735 354