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2020 An Algorithm of Decomposing the Trend and Cyclical Components of FDI Inflows: the Case of Ukraine Moskalenko, B.A.; Mitev, P. Article 414464 245871
2019 Assessment of Country Investment Attractiveness Evaluation Approaches Liulov, Oleksii Valentynovych; Moskalenko, Bohdan Andriiovych; Moskalenko, Bogdan Andriiovych Article 34811 83
2022 Competitiveness, Innovation and Productivity of the Country Hakhverdyan, D.; Shahinyan, M. Article 14635 9407
2020 Corporate rights as determinants of the economic security management of the country Yunin, O.; Honcharova, Alina Viacheslavivna; Kovbasa, V.; Doroshenko, L.; Holubosh, V. Article 2014 2239
2015 Determining the impact of the tax administration quality on tax competitiveness of the country Samusevych, Yaryna Valentynivna; Євченко, Н.Г.; Sysoieva, Larysa Yuriivna Article 3036289 2497779
2021 Foreign direct investment in the development of Ukraine’s economy Fedorenko, A.V. Bachelous Paper 13874 17661
2021 Foreign Direct Investment in Ukraine Пономарьова, Є.; Shcherbachenko, Viktoriia Oleksiivna Conference Papers 1456 1984
2014 Foreign direct investment inflow and its environmental effects in developing economies Saleh, Mohamed Conference Papers 31452323 2515259
2007 Foreign investment burden,exchange rates and external debt crises in Nigeria: an empirical externsion Muoghalu, M.I.; Ezirim, C.B.; Elike, U. Article 4055 294
2016 Foreign Investment in Tanzania: Current State, Problems and Perspectives Derevianko, Yurii Mykolaiovych; Деревьянко, Юрий Николаевич; Мбвана, Л.Б. Conference Papers 11674 165
2021 Foreign investment in the economy of Ukraine scale, structure, efficiency Ponomaryova, E.D.; Пономарьова, Є.Д. Bachelous Paper 2133 1259
2020 The Impact Of FDI Inflow On The Environment: A Case Of The Baltic-Black Sea Region Countries Đonlagić, A.; Moskalenko, B.A. Article 23551 20020
2019 Impact of the Foreign Direct Investment on Economic growth on the Re-public of Benin Marcel, D.T.Am Article -1590150238 1843987152
2018 Importance of foreign direct investment in financing for innovative development of the Republic of Belarus Hrechyshkina, O.; Samakhavets, M. Article 58991 67911
2007 The determinants of foreign banks entry to the Turkish banking sector Bumin, M. Article 11691 3275
2014 The impact of foreign direct investment on economic growth: case of post communism transition economies Melnyk, Leonid Hryhorovych; Kubatko, Oleksandr Vasylovych; Pysarenko, S. Article 39580301 19859055
2019 Transnational companies' strategic planning in the context of sustainable development goals Zakorko, A.A. Masters thesis 4 0
2014 Анализ тенденций развития транснациональных корпораций на территории Украины Khomutenko, Liudmyla Ivanivna; Чалая, Ю.В. Article 70730 71629
2013 Аналіз доцільності залучення прямих іноземних інвестицій у сільське господарство України Голенка, Р.А. Conference Papers 10574 20269
2021 Важливість закордонного інвестування для України Khomutenko, Liudmyla Ivanivna; Бондарець, А.А. Article 1296 2597