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2021 Administrative and legal principles of activity of ip-court: foreign experience and implementation in Ukraine Rieznik, Oleh Mykolaiovych; Fomenko, A.; Mykolenko, O.; Denysenko, Serhii Ivanovych; Kibets-Pashutina, D. Article 6 7
2014 Arguable paternity inventions Hryschenko, O.V. Conference Papers 88437 88612
2019 Blockchain як один із засобів захисту права інтелектуальної власності Utkina, Maryna Serhiivna Conference Papers 19834230 820996
2019 Blockchain як один із засобів захисту права інтелектуальної власності Utkina, Maryna Serhiivna Conference Papers 748964967 132502372
2017 Dynamics factors of ukrainian economy innovative transformation: main points and specifics of influence Piurenko, I.; Banyeva, I; Garkusha, O. Article 693881 173949
2017 Improving of intellectual property marketing management in the agrarian sphere of region Мakhnusha, S.M. Article 6429582 7288
2019 Intangible Assets as an Accounting and Management Object Zadorozhny, Z.-M.; Yasyshena, V. Article 78534132 1980019909
2019 Intellectual property in the context of innovative activity development Utkina, Maryna Serhiivna Conference Papers 144164063 861436808
2016 Intellectual property protection: unequal exchange of information and technology between countries Honcharova, Alina Viacheslavivna Conference Papers 330839 334415
2018 Managerial decision-making in the field of intellectual property on the basis of multiple-criteria decision analysis Drach, I.; Yevtushenko, H. Article 294327 460059
2020 Mechanism of state economic security management in the direction of intellectual property rights protection: cases of selected industries Baranov, A.; Kucher, V.; Ustymenko, O.; Utkina, Maryna Serhiivna; Hrybachova, Iryna Petrivna Article 3304783 3527399
2020 On the issues of the artificial intelligence and intellectual property Utkina, Maryna Serhiivna Conference Papers 446846854 49835111
2021 Patent Trolling and Intellectual Property: Challenges for Innovations Utkina, Maryna Serhiivna; Bondarenko, Olha Serhiivna; Malanchuk, Petro Mykhailovych Article -625903571 1116057791
2019 Research of "know-how" as possible object in the intellectual property objects system: comparison with foreign countries Utkina, Maryna Serhiivna Article 3799192 2740898
2022 Technology transfer risk management in the conditions of scientific internationalisation Novikova, I.; Stepanova, A.; Zhylinska, O.; Samoilikova, Anastasiia Viktorivna Article 32 48
2021 Trademarks in the structure of the world market of intellectual property Kyrylenko, K.V. Bachelous Paper 109318 289513
2021 Trademarks in the world market structure of intellectual property Korotcha, N.M. Bachelous Paper 34830 41559
2011 Type of intellectual property interest Pochatko, Tetiana Volodymyrivna; Utkina, M.S. Conference Papers 1034740 839945
2017 Ways to protect your ideas Pochatko, T.V. Conference Papers 390355 17619
2019 Авторські права на музичні твори Усок, М.В.; Dumchykov, Mykhailo Oleksandrovych Conference Papers 1123 626