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2023 Analysis of accidental transmission impacts in the chain «waste management system – public health» Ziabina, Yevheniia Anatoliivna; Khomenko, Liliia Mykolaivna; Osei Owusu, E.K. Article 285197536 278024121
2021 Assessment of cardiovascular risk in patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus and associated obesity and ways of its correction Griadil, T.I.; Chopey, I.V.; Chubirko, K.I.; Hechko, M.M.; Rumaneh, W. Article -2017488679 -321141272
2020 Bacillus clausii in treatment of rotavirus infection in children Smiian, Kateryna Oleksandrivna; Smiian, Oleksandr Ivanovych; Bynda, Tetiana Parfeniivna; Loboda, Andrii Mykolaiovych Conference Papers 1134757735 218933143
2023 Clinical anatomy, physiology research methods of the larynx. Diagnosis and treatment of the main types of its pathology Smiianov, Vladyslav Anatoliiovych; Smiianov, Yevhen Vladyslavovych; Plakhtiienko, Inna Oleksandrivna Schoolbook 39 27
2014 Cryomedicine Kucherenko, M.Y. Conference Papers 643514477 521681300
2020 Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Neuropathic and Mixed Pain in Children and Adolescents: Results of a Survey Study amongst Practitioners Thomas G., de Leeuw; Tjitske, van der Zanden; Simona, Ravera; Mariagrazia, Felisi; Donato, Bonifazi; Dick, Tibboel; Adriana, Ceci; Florentia, Kaguelidou; Saskia N., de Wildt; Loboda, Andrii Mykolaiovych Article 1375366696 1555773429
2016 Features of diagnosis and treatment of encysted pleural empyema Mischenko, Y. Conference Papers 1237506486 -1803629031
2016 Glutamate imaging may guide surgery in ‘nonlesional‘ epilepsy Yarokhno, O.V. Conference Papers 50898864 43552166
2011 Immunotherapy and Prevention Ivakhniuk, Tetiana Vasylivna Presentation -1566725685 1851217441
2023 Improving the system of healthcare institution management in conditions of pandemic threats Volk, A.; Sygyda, N.; Zaitseva, T. Article 1680 1731
2018 Influence of Mechanical Treatment of the Z-Surface of Lithium Niobate on the Properties of X-ray Pyroelectric Source Ivashchuk, O.O.; Klenin, A.A.; Kubankin, A.S.; Oleinik, A.N.; Shchagin, A.V. Article 284103 382451
2015 Medicine of emergency situations Shkatula, Yurii Vasylovych; Khyzhnia, Yaroslava Volodymyrivna; Hresko, Ihor Yaremovych; Badion, Yurii Oleksiiovych Schoolbook -1893685756 -1246664784
2021 Neonatology Redko, Olena Kostiantynivna; Petrashenko, Viktoriia Oleksandrivna; Loboda, Andrii Mykolaiovych Learning Object -1793276729 1182142763
2017 Osteopathic approach in Ukraine Sharova, O. Conference Papers 2457794 2839847
2023 Primary fallopian tube cancer: a literature review Sumtsov, Dmytro Heorhiiovych Article 416 210
2022 Theoretical and methodological principles of providing medical and psychological assistance in the conditions of armed conflicts: experience for Ukraine Korylchuk, N.; Vlasenko, I.; Livandovska, I.; Bokova, Svitlana Ivanivna; Demikhova, Nadiia Volodymyrivna Article 284 280
2014 Treating macular edema following RVO Hrytsay, T. Conference Papers 22990087 55627233
2015 Аллогерниопластика послеоперационных грыж и пути ее совершенствования Гривенко, С.Г. Article -1647351940 -1060152124
2023 Аналіз стану тканин пародонту в динаміці під час місцевого лікування пацієнтів з генералізованим пародонтитом Случевська, О.; Павленко, О.; Мочалов, Ю.; Гелей, Н. Article 653 1534
2019 Аналіз та моделювання діяльності центру зайнятості Попелуха, В.П. Masters thesis 4 0