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2019 Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction of the Ride-sharing Industry in Bangladesh Jahan, M. Article 2363 2171
2019 The Leadership’s Fairness and Social Skills − the Very Foundation of the Management and Functionality of an Entity Trifu, A. Article 61 53
2019 Motivation and Job Satisfaction in Organizations: A Study of University of Africa and Market Square Company, Bayelsa State Sapele, F.F.; Idoniboye-Obu, S.A. Article 41 1
2018 Consumers’ Internet Shopping Decision toward Fashion Apparels and Its Impact on Satisfaction in Bangladesh Rahman, Md.L.; Hossain, A.; Hasan, Md.M. Article 236 225
2018 Performance Appraisal Fundamentals, Practices and Challenges in Public Sector: Case of Adigrat Town, Ethiopia Balaraman, P.; Gebre, T.; Berhe, G.; Priya, K. Article 329 438
2019 Business Ethics in Providing Financial Statements: The Testing of Fraud Pentagon Theory on the Manufacturing Sector in Indonesia Evana, E.; Metalia, M.; Mirfazli, E.; Georgieva, D.V.; Sastrodiharjo, I. Article 46 39
2017 Gravity model analysis of client-facing choice (in terms of probability evaluation of clients’ visits to banks) Vashchenko, M.; Cherniavskyi, I. Article 956 844
2019 The Impact of Internet on the Youth Leadership Ahmmed, Md.M.; Salim, Z.R. Article 58 40
2018 The Examination of the Appearance of CSR in On-line Scientific Databases Kiss, L.B. Article 169 156
2017 Instrument of Improvement or Degradation: Contemporary University Rankings and Their Problems Kurbatov, S. Article 145 80