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2017 Scientific and methodical approaches to determining the center-orientation of financial conglomerates with the factor and cluster analysis Vasylieva, Tetiana Anatoliivna; Kozyriev, Vadym Anatoliiovych Article 897 754
2017 Evaluation of business ethics for the formation of public finance Vynnychenko, Nataliia Volodymyrivna; Majewska, U. Article 2839 2858
2017 Academic integrity: global context and national needs Finikov, T. Article 4230 4242
2020 Exploring Factors Affecting the Effectiveness of Business Training in the Microfinance Sector: Using the Industrial Marketing Purchasing (IMP) Approa Abeyseker, R. Article 300 295
2017 Public financial services transparency Logan, W.; Esmanov, O. Article 2879 2594
2017 Comparative Analysis of Plagiarism Detection Systems Shkodkina, Yuliia Mykhailivna; Pakauskas, D. Article 2932 5179
2017 The Analysis of Choice in the Decision-Making Process of the Agents Greco, F. Article 663 568
2017 Internal Quality Assurance System for the Higher Education: Experience of Ukraine and Poland Mazurkiewicz, M.; Liuta, Olha Vasylivna; Kyrychenko, Kostiantyn Ivanovych Article 992 962
2017 Soft Skills and Job Opportunities of Migrants: Systemic Relationships in the Labor Market Bardy, R.; Rubens, A.; Eberle, P. Article 2503 2387
2017 Measuring Efficiency of Financial Support in Lifelong Learning System: A Case Study of Ukrainian Regions Jikia, G.; Vorontsova, Anna Serhiivna; Petrushenko, Yurii Mykolaiovych Article 659 571