Business Ethics and Leadership (BEL) [134]

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2017 Evaluation of the Market Value of the Enterprise with Consideration of Exogenous Factors Boiarko, I.; Paskevicius, A. Article 611 560
2019 Examination of the Role of Business Ethics with Google Trends Kiss, L.B. Article 144 145
2020 Examining Counsellor Expertise: Evidence from the Sri Lankan Microfinance Sector Abeysekera, R. Article 21 17
2018 Examining the Efficacy of the Common Law Tort of Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress and Bullying in the Context of the Employment Relationship Cavico, F.; Mujtaba B., ; Lawrence E., ; Muffler S., Article 1095 1148
2017 Executive bonuses clawback in the banking sector Afanasyeva, O. Article 1421 1332
2019 Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction of the Ride-sharing Industry in Bangladesh Jahan, M. Article 2365 2171
2019 Factors Affecting Productivity of Managers: An Empirical-based Comparative Study Rajan, D. Article 598 559
2017 Fiscal transparency: cross-country comparisons Fomina, J.; Vynnychenko, Nataliia Volodymyrivna Article 1272 1099
2019 Fostering Employee’s Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction: Evidence from Emerging Pakistan Muneeb, F.M.; Chughtai, M.S.; Anjum, U.; Ma, J. Article 100 92
2020 From Business Modelling to the Leadership and Innovation in Business: Bibliometric Analysis (Banking as a Case) Goncharenko, T. Article 20 17
2020 Gender Differences in Decision-making and Leadership: Evidence from Armenia Minasyan, D.; Tovmasyan, G. Article 24 23
2019 Gender Inequality Issues in the Workplace: Case Study of Armenia Tovmasyan, G.; Minasyan, D. Article 412 479
2018 Gender Sensitive Practices as Effective Tools for Implementing the Equality Policy: The Experience of Ukrainian Universities Svitailo, Nina Dmytrivna; Domina, I.; Savelieva, Y. Article 79 17
2018 Gender Sensitive Practices as Effective Tools for Implementing the Equality Policy: The Experience of Ukrainian Universities Domina, I.; Savelieva, Y.; Svitailo, N. Article 121 105
2018 Gender-Oriented Budgeting as a Democratic Practice during a Self-Government Reform: Ukrainian Experience Aghasiev, I.; Pavlikha, N.; Riabushenko, N. Article 66 52
2019 Graduate Learners’ Perspectives of Developing ‘Speaking’ Skill in the Classrooms of Non-native English Speakers Khan, M.E.I.; Hasnahana, Article 189 195
2017 Gravity model analysis of client-facing choice (in terms of probability evaluation of clients’ visits to banks) Vashchenko, M.; Cherniavskyi, I. Article 958 844
2018 Historical and Contemporary Approaches to Entrepreneurship. Review of Polish Literature Pomianek, I. Article 188 175
2019 History of Childhood Oppression, Inter-Temporal Resentment and Compliance with Codes of Harassment at the Workplace: An Offender’s Perspective Akhter, S.T.; Humna, B. Article 46 41
2019 Humanistic – Behavioral – Cultural Competitive Advantage of the Enterprises – Concept Models Lesniewski, M.A. Article 206 195