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2020 IT Knowledge Management: Extending Principals of CSR Soudi, N. Article 738 726
2020 Management of Innovations in Finance Education: Cluster Analysis for OECD Countries Mihalcova, B.; Gallo, P.; Lukac, J. Article 2132 2816
2020 The Role of Country Brand in Providing Economic Resilience Shymon, S.; Kolomiets-Ludwig, E.; Osiejewicz, J.; Krawczyk, D.; Kaminska, B. Article 1313 976
2020 Raising the Effectiveness of Tourism Marketing and Branding: Evidence from Armenia Tovmasyan, G. Article 1028 1528
2020 Innovation Management and Automated Accounting in the Chaotic Storage Logistics Zadorozhnyi, Z.-M.; Muravskyi, V.; Pochynok, N.; Hrytsyshyn, A. Article 683 672
2020 Innovations in Management of Banks Deposit Portfolio: Structure of Customer Deposit Andros, S.; Akimova, L.; Butkevich, O. Article 292 558
2020 Innovations in Construction Waste Management: Case of Latvia Tambovceva, T.; Urbane, V.; Ievins, J. Article 561 1373
2020 Employee Advocacy as a Marketing Strategy to Power Brand Promotion: an Employee Perspective Thomas, T. Article 10622 5823
2020 Customer Satisfaction and Behaviour at Retail Outlets: an Adaptive Fuzzy Regression Model with LINGO Based Analysis Rizwanullah, Mohd; Abunar, Salah; Qazi, Sayeeduzzafar Article 180 351
2020 Management of Innovation of the Economic Potential of the Rural Enterprises Partlova, P.; Strakova, J.; Vachal, J.; Pollak, F.; Dobrovic, J. Article 208 399