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2020 Consumer Innovativeness: a Literature Review Eryigit, Canan Article 3087 1514
2020 Indices of innovation activity as components of macroeconomic stability assessment: how does the shadowing of investment flows affect? Тютюник, Інна Володимирівна; Тютюник, Инна Владимировна; Tiutiunyk, Inna Volodymyrivna; Zolkover, A.; Maslov, V.; Vynnychenko, Nataliia Volodymyrivna; Beshley, Y.; Kovalenko, O. Article 78 155
2020 Assessment of the Impact of Selected Satisfaction Parameters on the Competitiveness of Family Tourism Goncarova, Z.; Pitekova, J.; Vrablikova, M. Article 195 198
2020 Social Media Platforms as HR Marketing Tool in Selected Healthcare Service Providers Bejtkovsky, J. Article 1314 860
2020 Defining the Types of "Fakers" in Social Media Saura, J.R.; Punzo, J.G. Article 124 247
2020 Factors Influencing Consumers’ Green Purchase Behavior: Green Advertising as Moderator Hussain, S.A.; Haq, M.A.U.; Soomro, Y.A. Article 9457 3925
2020 The Knowledge Management and Safety Compliance in OECD Economies: Some Experience for Jordan Industrial Sector Pi, Sh.-M.; Al-Zu’bi, Gh. Article 88 178
2020 The Risks of Ethical Credibility: Innovations in Companies Management Cierna, H.; Sujova, E. Article 84 165
2020 Innovations in the management of higher education: situation analysis of Syrian female students empowerment Dalati, S.; Raudeliuniene, J.; Davidaviciene, V. Article 156 154
2020 Innovation in Leasing and Leasing of Innovation: A Meta-Analysis Zeynalov, Z.G. Article 241 234