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2023 Innovations and Tourism Regions: are Innovations Perceived as A Problem in Regional Development in European Tourism? Kubickova, V.; Labudova, V.; Benesova, D.; Mura, L. Article 2140 2979
2020 Innovation Financing Structure as a Factor of Economic Growth: Cross Country Analysis Rzayev, A.; Samoilikova, Anastasiia Viktorivna Article 975218336 1606945301
2021 Tax Incentives for Innovation in the Context of Macroeconomic Stability: an Analysis of Causality Samoilikova, Anastasiia Viktorivna; Lieonov, Serhii Viacheslavovych; Huseynova, A. Article 812394985 -464492507
2019 Innovation Strategy for Business: Financial Management Aspects Kostel, Mykola Vasylovych; Samoilikova, Anastasiia Viktorivna Article 934313689 338027299
2023 The Evaluation of Generation Z in Innovation of Career Success: Comparative Analysis with Generation Y Ozturk, U.; Yildirim, E. Article -1564766776 -49396488
2023 Examining the Role of Education Spending on China's Regional Economy from the Standpoints of Human and Intellectual Capital Yu, Y.; Tingting, Y.; Ruoxi, L.; Xinxin, W. Article 4908 6177
2024 Innovative Approaches to Improving the Process of Risk Management in the Context of Developing a Strategy for the Foreign Economic Activity of Enterprises Kuznietsova, Anzhela Yaroslavivna; Kulish, D.; Prykhodko, B.; Kuznietsov, Oleksandr Yuriiovych Article 29 2
2024 The essence of startup: factors of success and failure Kovalov, Bohdan Leonidovych; Karepina, A.S.; Ponomarenko, Ihor Oleksandrovych; Ponomarenko, Ihor Oleksandrovych Article 8 2
2023 Management problems of innovative technologies Stasyshyn, A.V.; Oliskevych, M.M.; Kozytskyy, V.A. Article 2349 3224