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2020 Innovations in government management of the healthcare system: forecasting of COVID-19 consequences in social, investment and business development Vasylieva, Tetiana Anatoliivna; Kuzmenko, Olha Vitaliivna; Rashid, M. N.; Vojtovic, S.; Kashcha, Mariia Oleksiivna; Lieonov, H. Article 750 729
2020 The Role of CRM Fog Computing on Innovation and Customer Service Quality: an Empirical Study Aljawarneh, Nader Mohammad; Sokiyna, Munsif; Obeidat, Abdallah Mishael; Alomari, Khaled Abdel Kader; Alradaideh, Ahmad Tawfig; Alomari, Ziyad Saleh Article 4121 4077
2020 Innovation Ecosystems for the Moldovan Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Ubreziova, I.; Diacikova, A.; Sokil, O.; Apostol, S. Article 149 286
2020 Innovations as a Factor for Economic Growth and Labor Market Development Raychev, S.; Dimitrova, G.; Madzhurova, B.; Stoyanova, D. Article 103 193
2020 Innovation in Leasing and Leasing of Innovation: A Meta-Analysis Zeynalov, Z.G. Article 242 234
2020 Management of agriculture innovations: Role in Economic Development Sira, E.; Pukala, R. Article 192 370
2020 Innovations as the Competitive Advantage for Small and Medium Enterprises: the Case for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Alghanmi, A.O. Article 220 652
2020 Innovation Development of Public Administration: Management and Legislation Features Kondratenko, V.; Okopnyk, O.; Ziganto, L.; Kwilinski, A. Article 4242 2147
2021 Innovative Approaches to Enterprise Competitiveness Assessment Tyukhtenko, N.; Makarenko, S.; Oliinyk, N.; Portugal, E. Article 320 608
2021 Innovation Development and Migration: Panel Data Approach Pudryk, D.; Legenkyi, M.; Alioshkina, L. Article 404 402