Кваліфікаційні роботи здобувачів вищої освіти (ННІ БіЕМ) [1636]

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2021 Agrivoltaics as a promising direction of land use for for ensuring global energy and food security Perederii, T.A. Bachelous Paper 645068620 282582028
2023 Ambient реклама як сучасний інструмент маркетингу у рекламній кампанії підприємства Охріменко, С.М. Bachelous Paper 706840 1235924
2022 Analysis of Effectiveness of Chinese TNCs: Tencet case study Korobko, S.O. Bachelous Paper -1635732223 -1158090741
2022 Analysis of the financial management system of agricultural enterprises (case study on farm “Malva”) Sheremet, A. Bachelous Paper 1809244369 1129546626
2022 Analysis of the HR management system of a state enterprise (case study of the 1st State Fire and Rescue Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Sumy Region) Kursenko, A. Bachelous Paper 1770410520 -1065899684
2023 Analysis of Ukraine's competitiveness on the global commodity market Tsimbal, A.V. Bachelous Paper 13639 215
2022 Analysis of World Financial Markets and Their Development Trends Hyrman, D.A. Bachelous Paper -674245582 1647178580
2021 Assessment of the competitiveness of “New Post” LLC in foreign markets Zaitseva, A.R.; Зайцева, А.Р. Bachelous Paper 1996802256 -1958194994
2021 Assessment of the probability of fraud in the process of lending to bank customers Радько, В.В; Radko, V.V. Bachelous Paper -1796476320 -1642782462
2021 Automation of the retail trade at the enterprise Лебедєва, Ю.В.; Lebedeva, Yu.V. Bachelous Paper -1776886910 -973804907
2021 Brand Promotion through Social Media Laponohova, О. Masters thesis -673797759 -1361174557
2021 Business leadership in international companies: modern models and success factors Siki, P.O. Masters thesis 378364215 -947076588
2023 Business planning as a tool to improve the efficiency of the enterprise operation Quaye, M. Bachelous Paper 4040889 7687099
2023 Conflict management and methods of their resolution in modern organizations in Ghana Agyemang, A.A. Bachelous Paper -478878357 -412350307
2022 Conflict Management: Dealing with Conflict at Work Aworh, M.A. Masters thesis 163253 81780
2023 Contemporary tendencies of the global foreign exchange market development Yassine, B. Bachelous Paper 309527 431627
2023 Cooperation of Ukraine with international organizations for local economic development Volkov, V.V. Masters thesis 16 2
2021 Corporate management models in the activity of an international company Kyianenko, A.V. Bachelous Paper 1475602495 221186606
2021 Corruption counteraction as a factor in the development of Ukraine`s international economic relations Vialkova, V.V.; Вялкова, В.В. Bachelous Paper 629914645 2020944054
2021 The country's external debt and ways to optimize it Neronov, R.R.; Неронов, Р.Р. Bachelous Paper 1543653407 -1424926016