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2017 Assessment of demand, supply and equilibrium price on the deposit market of Ukraine Lieonov, Serhii Viacheslavovych; Didenko, Iryna Viktorivna Article 131520941 41334257
2017 Demand Forecast, Supply and Equilibrium Price on the Deposit Market: Methodology and Experience of Ukraine Didenko, Iryna Viktorivna; Hammadi, H. Article 11388756 23885686
2021 Education and migration: identifying interconnections Vorontsova, Anna Serhiivna; Didenko, Iryna Viktorivna Conference Papers 43381 26271
2021 Educational and Financial Inclusion as Key Drivers of Economic Resilience Didenko, Iryna Viktorivna; Vorontsova, Anna Serhiivna; Koibichuk, Vitaliia Vasylivna; Hrytsenko, Kostiantyn Hryhorovych; Kushnerov, Oleksandr Serhiiovych authors certificate 527 2
2021 Environmental migration and country security: Theoretical analysis and empirical research Didenko, Iryna Viktorivna; Vasylieva, Tetiana Anatoliivna; Lieonov, Serhii Viacheslavovych; Antoniuk, Nataliia Anatoliivna; Волік, К. Article 51764 30503
2018 Evaluation of deposit market competition: basis for bank marketing improvement Didenko, Iryna Viktorivna; Kryvych, Yana Mykolaivna; Buriak, Anna Volodymyrivna Article 283635 194715
2021 The influence of the financial inclusion of the population on the level of illegally income in countries with different levels of economic development Didenko, Iryna Viktorivna; Vasylieva, Tetiana Anatoliivna; Osadcha, O.; Shymanska, K. Article 230 407
2020 Influencing the factors of community health into the differentiation of regions of ukraine for becoming ill on COVID-19 Vasylieva, Tetiana Anatoliivna; Didenko, Iryna Viktorivna; Smiianov, Vladyslav Anatoliiovych; Soldatenko, D. Conference Papers 1984894 789995
2021 Insurance Innovations as a Part of the Financial Inclusion Didenko, Iryna Viktorivna; Sidelnyk, K. Article 18130208 834432574
2020 Migration, environment, and country safety: analysis of touchpoints Didenko, Iryna Viktorivna; Vasylieva, Tetiana Anatoliivna; Lieonov, Serhii Viacheslavovych; Antoniuk, Nataliia Anatoliivna; Волік, К. Article 343472 250757
2022 Promotion of Innovative Microchip in the Market of Medical Services: Marketing Aspects Didenko, Iryna Viktorivna; Syhyda, Liubov Oleksiivna; Markauskaitė, S. Article 80527 67310
2022 Quality of scientific activity as a determinant of socio-economic development Didenko, Iryna Viktorivna; Valaskova, K.; Artiukhov, Artem Yevhenovych; Lieonov, Serhii Viacheslavovych; Vasa, L. Article 1270 2216
2020 Social safety and behavioral aspects of populations financial inclusion: A multicountry analysis Didenko, Iryna Viktorivna; Paucz-Olszewska, J.; Lieonov, Serhii Viacheslavovych; Ostrowska-Dankiewicz, A.; Ciekanowski, Z. Article 146737448 26918372
2021 Society’s Readiness for Modern Challenges of the Insurance Market: Bibliometric Analysis Didenko, Iryna Viktorivna; Sidelnyk, N. Article 76280384 58444114
2021 State Policy of Improving Medical Care for Newborns in Conditions of Medical Reform in Ukraine Didenko, Iryna Viktorivna; Moroz, T.; Prasol, L. Article 5801 4281
2021 Theoretical aspects of the financial literacy in the context of the demographical-migration crisis Vorontsova, Anna Serhiivna; Didenko, Iryna Viktorivna Conference Papers 4368 4383
2022 Using the canonical modeling approach to analyze the relationship between bank capitalization indicators and macroeconomic stability Didenko, Iryna Viktorivna; Yefimenko, Alina Yuriivna Article 470 555
2021 Аналітична оцінка індикаторів капіталізації банківської системи та макроекономічної стабільності в Україні Didenko, Iryna Viktorivna; Єфіменко, А.Ю. Article 635508 499538
2021 Бібліометричний аналіз публікацій з питань міграції, економіки та безпеки країни Didenko, Iryna Viktorivna; Волік, К.В. Article 6747 9250
2017 Економіко-математичне моделювання діяльності українських банків Bukhtiarova, Alina Hennadiivna; Didenko, Iryna Viktorivna Conference Papers 721764 68335