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2016 Arbeitsmarkt und berufschancen im journalismus des deutschlands Redko, T. Conference Papers 134 123
2020 The Covid-19 influence on Ukrainian economy and national labour market Litsman, M.A.; Sotnyk, Iryna Mykolaivna Conference Papers 55 34
2017 Education Quality Assessment from the Perspective of Stakeholders on the Example of Armenian Higher Education Institutions Vardanyan, N. Article 933 944
2016 Employment of Population as an Object of the State Policy of Ukraine Naida, I.V. Article 107 99
2019 Exploring the Requirements of Tourism Labour Market in Armenia Tovmasyan, G. Article 90 74
2020 Innovation management in education: impact on socio-labour relations in the national economy Vorontsova, Anna Serhiivna; Mayboroda, Tetyana; Mayboroda, Tetyana Mykolaivna; Lieonov, H. Article 7 0
2020 Innovations as a Factor for Economic Growth and Labor Market Development Raychev, S.; Dimitrova, G.; Madzhurova, B.; Stoyanova, D. Article 9 0
2019 Innovations in Human Resources Management in Eurointegration Conditions: Case for Ukrainian Agro-Industrial Complex Butko, M.; Popelo, O.; Pishenin, I. Article 1458 1685
2015 Jobless society – phenomenon of global economy Bilobrova, T.O.; Tul, S.I. Article 1619 1485
2017 Monopsony as a kind of imperfect competition Korol, A. Conference Papers 118 104
2017 Soft Skills and Job Opportunities of Migrants: Systemic Relationships in the Labor Market Bardy, R.; Rubens, A.; Eberle, P. Article 1073 952
2019 Students' Competencies for the Future and Innovativeness – Research Among Managerial Staff of Public Universities of Technology in Poland Wodarski, K.; Machnik-Slomka, J.; Semrau, J. Article 907 908
2016 Supply and demand in the labor market Korol, А.О. Conference Papers 330 261
2018 The importance of a foreign language in the labor market Kotiuk, R. Conference Papers 311 289
2015 The modelling of education services and labour markets from marketing position Savchenko, S.O. Article 230 187
2018 The problem of employment of bachelors after the end of the higer education Zabegalov, І.V.; Bulashenko, А.V. Conference Papers 33 25
2017 The situation of graduate employees on the Hungarian labor market Cseh-Papp, I.; Szira, Z.; Varga, E. Article 784 805
2013 Актуальні проблеми безробіття в Україні в умовах фінансово-економічної кризи Sotnyk, Viktoriia Oleksandrivna; Скляр, І.А. Conference Papers 914 778
2013 Аналіз міжнародних аспектів трудової міграції населення України Omelianenko, Vitalii Anatoliiovych; Бойко, Ю.М. Conference Papers 236 257
2015 Аналіз ринку праці в Україні Ганус, І.С. Conference Papers 257 217