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2018 Consumer behaviour at alcoholic beverages markets of Chech Republic and Slovakia: targeting consumer segments Sugrova, M.; Nagyova, L.; Hazuchova, N.; Stavkova, J. Article 10115 13214
2018 Consumer behaviour in innovative products purchasing process Dunska, M.; Salkovska, J.; Batraga, A.; Braslina, L. Article 56725 46828
2020 Consumer Behaviour of Seniors on the Cow’s Milk Market in Slovakia: Silver Persuading Techniques Krivosikova, A.; Rybanska, J.; Nagyova, L.; Geci, A. Article 770713 488554
2022 Consumer Shopping Motive Identification: Study of Webrooming vs. Showrooming Olearova, M.; Gavurova, B.; Bacik, R. Article 72208 53918
2021 Dual Quality of Products: Myths and Facts through the Opinions of Millennial Consumers Bartkova, L.; Veselovska, L.; Sramkova, M.; Zavadsky, J. Article 25792 121891
2020 The Future of TV Advertising Targeting Young Slovak Consumers Miklosik, A.; Starchon, P.; Vokounova, D.; Korcokova, M. Article -1571879350 1908935416
2020 Interconnection of Consumer Behaviour of Different Generations and Marketing Strategy of a Football Club – Experience in Slovakia Zsigmond, T.; Korcsmáros, E.; Machová, R.; Šeben, Z. Article 13490249 20793700
2019 Market Segmentation in Healthcare Antosova, I.; Hazuchova, N.; Stavkova, J. Article -241244384 -1148560232
2017 The impact of parents' technology readiness and their susceptibility to interpersonal influence on adolescents' participation in parental decision making to purchase technological products Dikcius, V.; Pikturniene, I.; Pakalniskiene, V.; Seimiene, E.; Kavaliauske, M.; Reardon, J. Article 27363 58195