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2017 Analysis of information asymmetry in innovation system security ensuring Omelianenko, Vitalii Anatoliiovych Article -2108520717 -981817397
2016 Asymmetry of information and its features in the tourist market Ivanova, V.V. Article 1382430 1079414
2022 Bibliometric and Retrospective Analysis on Economic Behavior for Inclusive Growth Saher, Liudmyla Yuriivna; Vakulenko, Ihor Anatoliiovych; Shevchenko, K.; Bondarenko, Y. Article 384729165 177468011
2014 Characteristics of marketing of industrial innovations in the region Zabarna, E.M. 12285108 5447086
2019 Competitiveness of Ukrainian Companies in Foreign Markets: New Challenges and Opportunities Sabadash, Viktor Volodymyrovych; Stauvermann, P.J.; Peleshchenko, R.O. Article -1018265939 2085976526
2020 Development of the US electric car market: macroeconomic determinants and forecasts Sotnyk, Iryna Mykolaivna; Hulak, D.; Yakushev, O.; Prokopenko, Olha Volodymyrivna; Yevdokymov, Andrii Valeriiovych Article 35709 46281
2021 E-commerce as an element of the global trading system. Yarova, Inessa Yevhenivna; Denysenko, Y. Conference Papers 410698 191565
2021 Electric car market: problems and prospects of development Кіріл'єва, А. В.; Sotnyk, Iryna Mykolaivna Conference Papers 2973588 6842562
2016 Energy efficiency of Ukrainian economy: problems and prospects of achievement with the help of ESCOs Sotnyk, Iryna Mykolaivna Article -511454139 -247792974
2015 Entrepreneurial environmental management model of marketing in a political-administrative system of Ukraine Sadchenko, O.V.; Nosachov, I.Yu. Article 207586 216911
2018 Green investments as a driving force to the spreading of energy efficient projects: EU experience for Ukraine Pimonenko, Tetiana Volodymyrivna Article 487392 93363
2021 Innovative Approaches to the Assessment of Banking Competition in Ukraine in Terms of Digital Transformation Karcheva, G.; Shvets, N.; Dalgic, K.; Dalevska, N. Article 341671765 758034440
2020 International business strategies of construction companies Chernysh, D.D. Masters thesis 1172160875 -1622489434
2017 Lenovo's Global Competition Strategy: the Driving Forces of Leadership Sabadash, Viktor Volodymyrovych; Marchenko, T.V. Article -700337070 -1347801005
2014 Logistical and marketing factors in packagingdecisions Haidabrus, Nataliia Vitaliivna Conference Papers 1138759 1099395
2018 Management of external economic activity of the enterprise (on example "Technoopttorg-trade" Ltd) Dobrovolskyi, Yu.V. Bachelous Paper 4 0
2019 Management of Innovations in Georgian Higher Educational Institutions: Key Problems with Teaching Economic Science Lekashvili, E. Article 347261 404693
2014 Market for egological services Archibong, O.S. Conference Papers 1437497811 -459733023
2017 Organic Agriculture as a Perspective Branch of Ukrainian Economy Chyhryn, Olena Yuriivna; Iskakov, Andrii Andriiovych; Треус, А.А. Article 1056411 656370
2014 Risk management strategies for farmers Ikeanumba, C.F.; Adebiyi, O.J. Conference Papers 1188138568 -1553412345