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2016 G-1639A but Not C1173T VKORC1 Gene Polymorphism Is Related to Ischemic Stroke and Its Various Risk Factors in Ukrainian Population Dubovyk, Yevhen Ivanovych; Harbuzova, Viktoriia Yuriivna; Ataman, Oleksandr Vasylovych Article 33 10
2019 Gabapentin as add-on to morphine for severe neuropathic or mixed pain in children from age 3 months to 18 years - evaluation of the safety, pharmacokinetics, and efficacy of a new gabapentin liquid formulation: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial Thomas, G de Leeuw; Mangiarini, L.; Lundin, R.; Loboda, Andrii Mykolaiovych; Kaguelidou, F.; Tjitske, van der Zanden; Oscar, Della Pasqua; Tibboel, D.; Ceci, A.; Saskia, N. de Wildt Article 39 12
2011 Gadget gift ideas Usenko, Nataliia Mykolaivna; Chaika, T.V. Conference Papers 337 147
2013 Gadgets for sports. Replacement of training or not? Mulina, Nataliia Ihorivna; Trubayev, V.; Bondarenko, A. Conference Papers 215 91
2012 Gadgets in future Semenenko, E.A. Conference Papers 167 167
2017 Gait recognition on base of representation in spatiotemporal area Babii, Mykhailo Semenovych Conference Papers 76 19
2018 Galerkin–Vlasov Method for Deflection Analysis of Isotropic Sandwich Plates under Uniform Load Mama, B.O.; Ike, C.C. Article 20 12
2014 Gallium Arsenide Czokhralski Crystal Growth with High Oscillatory Influences Kosushkin, V.G.; Kozhitov, S.L.; Emelyanov, S.G.; Parkhomenko, Yu.N.; Kozhitov, L.V. Article 202 59
2016 Game theory Novak, K. Conference Papers 33 14
2014 Gamification as a new trend in marketing Widawska-Stanisz, A. Article 583 246
2013 Gamma Radiation Induced Effects in TeO2 Thin Films Mohil, Manisha; Kumar, G. Anil Article 259 225
2011 Garbage bank, solution of urban waste Prahyuono, E. Conference Papers 191 187
2009 Gas compressors Lobova, A.; Sitnik, J.; Spivak, A.; Gavrilova, V. Conference Papers 346 276
2016 Gastric cancer in Africa compared to Ukraine and other countries Ramadhani, M. Satura; Nancy, L. Rutananukwa; Kristina, N. Kohi Conference Papers 36 13
2011 Gate leakage current reduction with advancement of graded barrier AlGaN/GaN HEMT Das, Palash; Biswas, Dhrubes Article 346 365
2012 Ge/GaAs(100) Thin Films: Large Effect of Film Growth Rate and Thicknesses on Surface Morphology, Intrinsic Stresses and Electrical Properties Mitin, V.F.; Lytvyn, P.M.; Kholevchuk, V.V.; Matveeva, L.A.; Mitin, V.V.; Kulyk, O.S.; Venger, E.F. Conference Papers 150 67
2016 Gender and etiological features of modern salmonellosis Chemych, Oksana Mykolaivna; Chemych, Mykola Dmytrovych; Moroz, L.V. Article 64 25
2016 Gender inequality in the hotel industry Stepanenko, Yu. Conference Papers 61 20
2019 Gender Inequality Issues in the Workplace: Case Study of Armenia Tovmasyan, G.; Minasyan, D. Article 45 75
2016 Gender issues of political correctness in modern English Kurochkina, Viktoriia Semenivna; Pochatko, Tetiana Volodymyrivna Conference Papers 36 62