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2018 An Analysis of the Relationship between Regulatory Control and Corruption based on Product and Market Regulation and Corruption Perceptions Indices Mujtaba, B.G.; McClelland, B.; Williamson, P.; Khanfar, N.; Cavico, F.J. Article 8646 8392
2019 Breaking the Glass Ceiling Philosophy and Reality: A Study of Gender Progress and Career Development in the Corporate World Itty, S.S.; Garcia, J.R.; Futterman, C.; Austt, S.G.; Mujtaba, B.G. Article 7326 7224
2020 Ethical Analysis of Office Romance and Sexual Favoritism Policies in the #MeToo Workplace and “Cancel Culture” Era Mujtaba, B.G.; Cavico, F.J. Article 395 192
2019 Leadership and Management Philosophy of “Guzaara” or Cooperating to “Get Along” in South Asia’s Afghanistan Mujtaba, B.G. Article 568 1696
2019 Marketing and Managing Destination Identity for Tourism Promotion: The Case of Koh Chang Marine National Park in Thailand Preechawong, P.; Sawagvudcharee, O.; Mujtaba, B.G. Article 5755 5761
2020 The Relationship Between Social Capital and Psychological Well-Being: the Mediating Role of Internet Marketing Ahmed, S.K.; Khan, M.M.; Khan, R.A.; Mujtaba, B.G. Article 1678 841
2020 The Relationship of Suicides, Guns and Mass Shootings in the United States: An Ethical Dilemma Mujtaba, B.G.; Williams, A.A.; Wardak, K.S. Article 157 312
2020 Stress Management in the Modern Workplace and the Role of Human Resource Professionals Tran, C.T.H; Tran, H.T.M; Nguyen, H.T.N.; Mach, D.N; Phan, H.S.P.; Mujtaba, B.G. Article 30618 25056
2021 Task and Relationship Orientation of Professionals in Afghanistan and Thailand Mujtaba, B.G.; Senathip, T.; Sungkhawan, J. Article 35 33
2018 Teaching law, ethics, and social responsibility in a school of business: a value-driven approach to leadership and sustainability Cavico, F.J.; Mujtaba, B.G. Article 989 2770
2018 The impact of project manager's competencies, emotional intelligence and transformational leadership on project in the information thechnology sector Afzal, A.; Khan, M.M.; Mujtaba, B.G. Article 6325 6289