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2018 An Analysis of the Relationship between Regulatory Control and Corruption based on Product and Market Regulation and Corruption Perceptions Indices Mujtaba, B.G.; McClelland, B.; Williamson, P.; Khanfar, N.; Cavico, F.J. Article 5406152 1793463987
2022 Assessment of Workplace Discrimination against Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Cooper, A.-A.; Mujtaba, B.G. Article -268557884 -238951870
2019 Breaking the Glass Ceiling Philosophy and Reality: A Study of Gender Progress and Career Development in the Corporate World Itty, S.S.; Garcia, J.R.; Futterman, C.; Austt, S.G.; Mujtaba, B.G. Article -1819015371 1352986755
2022 Checklist for Professional Communication: A Path to a Healthy Personality, Reflective Mindfulness, and Self-Development Management Mujtaba, B.G.; Meyer, C. Article 1468258 1202268
2020 Ethical Analysis of Office Romance and Sexual Favoritism Policies in the #MeToo Workplace and “Cancel Culture” Era Mujtaba, B.G.; Cavico, F.J. Article 797760928 -1848821919
2019 Leadership and Management Philosophy of “Guzaara” or Cooperating to “Get Along” in South Asia’s Afghanistan Mujtaba, B.G. Article -1779005757 2005093157
2019 Marketing and Managing Destination Identity for Tourism Promotion: The Case of Koh Chang Marine National Park in Thailand Preechawong, P.; Sawagvudcharee, O.; Mujtaba, B.G. Article 1020617 929130
2020 The Relationship Between Social Capital and Psychological Well-Being: the Mediating Role of Internet Marketing Ahmed, S.K.; Khan, M.M.; Khan, R.A.; Mujtaba, B.G. Article -1627249863 -1036364048
2020 The Relationship of Suicides, Guns and Mass Shootings in the United States: An Ethical Dilemma Mujtaba, B.G.; Williams, A.A.; Wardak, K.S. Article 21033638 3128373
2020 Stress Management in the Modern Workplace and the Role of Human Resource Professionals Tran, C.T.H; Tran, H.T.M; Nguyen, H.T.N.; Mach, D.N; Phan, H.S.P.; Mujtaba, B.G. Article 1703569353 1800605010
2021 Task and Relationship Orientation of Professionals in Afghanistan and Thailand Mujtaba, B.G.; Senathip, T.; Sungkhawan, J. Article 174580204 175257729
2018 Teaching law, ethics, and social responsibility in a school of business: a value-driven approach to leadership and sustainability Cavico, F.J.; Mujtaba, B.G. Article 1530034921 -1999070286
2018 The impact of project manager's competencies, emotional intelligence and transformational leadership on project in the information thechnology sector Afzal, A.; Khan, M.M.; Mujtaba, B.G. Article 1560593137 753725073