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2012 Anthropometric features of ukrainian national women’s team in biathlon Shepieliev, Anatolii Yehorovych Conference Papers 330030635 165022970
2020 Assessment of green investment impact on the energy efficiency gap of the national economy Pavlyk, V. Article -1523807760 -1420301838
2020 Assessment of the Impact of Selected Satisfaction Parameters on the Competitiveness of Family Tourism Goncarova, Z.; Pitekova, J.; Vrablikova, M. Article 12934007 7381637
2019 Brand management and macroeconomic stability of the country Bilan, Yurii Valentynovych; Lieonov, Serhii Viacheslavovych; Liulov, Oleksii Valentynovych; Pimonenko, Tetiana Volodymyrivna Article -368526528 -955003148
2017 Credit default swaps – characteristics and interrelations with european capital markets Paskaleva, M.G. Article 54300 584
2020 Determinants of enterprises profitability of chemical industry in modern conditions of economic security ensuring Syhyda, Liubov Oleksiivna; Saher, Liudmyla Yuriivna; Вода, Г. М. Article 40128 5265
2020 Diarrhea infections in north-eastern Ukraine: evolution of epidemic process Malysh, Nina Hryhorivna; Chemych, Mykola Dmytrovych; Zadorozhna, V.; Podavalenko, A.; Birukova, S. Article 25402 16403
2012 Estimation of market risk by means of indicators VaR and Shortfall Oliinyk, Viktor Mykhailovych; Frolov, Serhii Mykhailovych Article 27766686 32108395
2020 Evaluating the threat to national information security Yarovenko, Hanna Mykolaivna Article 858439467 -1425160981
2022 The History, Culture and Architecture as a Potential of Urban Tourism Development: Evidence from Armenia Tovmasyan, G.; Gevorgyan, M. Article 6858 14461
2017 Impact of innovations on GDP dynamics Goliuk, V. Article -1928322890 -1180958062
2015 Influence of environmental factors on the population health: regional approach for the medical-ecological analysis (for example, the Sumy region of Ukraine) Kornus, O.H.; Shyshchuk, Volodymyr Dmytrovych; Kornus, Anatolii Oleksandrovych Article 2888859 5075194
2022 Influence of the Surface Diffusion Length on the Roughness of Thin Layers Obtained by Random Deposition Saoudi, A.; Aissani, L.; Boulahrouz, S.; Radjehi, L.; Chahaoui, O.; Mebarki, M.; Djebaili, H. Article 554 555
2019 Innovative Sharing Economy’s Business Models in Tourism: Case of Airbnb in Prague Krajcik, V.; Kljucnikov, A.; Rihova, E. Article -290773769 1835040570
2011 Mutual influence of exchange assets: practical aspects Kozmenko, S.M.; Plastun, Oleksii Leonidovych Article 20957 265
2015 Quality of the environment and medical-geographical situation in the Sumy region Kornus, Anatolii Oleksandrovych; Корнус, Олеся Григорівна; Корнус, Олеся Григорьевна; Kornus, Olesya Hryhorivna; Shyshchuk, Volodymyr Dmytrovych Article 101721 56522
2012 Somatic aspects of sportmanship sumu university arcnery team Shepieliev, Anatolii Yehorovych Conference Papers 67766242 18238547
2021 Vocational training costs and economic benefits: exploring the interactions Samoliuk, N.; Bilan, Yurii Valentynovych; Mishchuk, H. Article 278590213 345942542
2019 Аналіз проблем середньої освіти з використанням параметричних і непараметричних статистичних методів Бражник, Є.В. Masters thesis 7 3
2020 Безконтактне оперативне вимірювання швидкості за допомогою функції непропорційності Кравченко, В.А. Bachelous Paper 279 153