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2022 Analysis of changes in the world economy caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war Shcherbachenko, Viktoriia Oleksiivna; Teslyk, A.V. Article 5383 2886
2018 Analysis of the Macroeconomic Stability Indicators Changing Dynamics in Ukraine Korobets, Olena Mykhailivna; Slavkova, O.P.; Shynkarenko, M.M. Article -719936624 1207903598
2020 Comparison of Ukraine and the EU on Key Indicators of a Healthy Economy Saher, Liudmyla Yuriivna; Letunovska, Nataliia Yevhenivna; Назаренко, А.П. Article 371649351 924953241
2021 Development of financial markets in the post-pandemic world Zhuzha, L.M.; Жужа, Л.М. Bachelous Paper -468345453 822440132
2022 Development of the foreign exchange market of Ukraine Dryhola, Y.S. Bachelous Paper 589971 290412
2017 Dynamics factors of ukrainian economy innovative transformation: main points and specifics of influence Piurenko, I.; Banyeva, I; Garkusha, O. Article 3210432 1952169
2020 Factors of macroeconomic growth in Nigeria: wages demand, taxes, and entrepreneurship development Zhuravka, Fedir Oleksandrovych; Shkarupa, Olena Vasylivna; Aiyedogbon, J.O.; Adeyinka, Olure-Bank; Shkarupa, Ivan Serhiiovych Article 1475480 1165989
2020 The impact of inflation targeting on macroeconomic indicators in Ukraine Kuzheliev, M.; Zherlitsyn, D.; Rekunenko, Ihor Ivanovych; Nechyporenko, A.; Nemsadze, G. Article 2067595938 143079706
2006 Inflation targeting and its impact оn monitory policy: a South African insight Муханна, Е. Article 2152372 571981
2016 Inflation targeting as an effective method of ensuring price stability Verbytska, A. Conference Papers 216469 12928
2022 Inflation, Foreign Exchange, Interest Rate, Trade Balance, Payment Balance on Growth In The Covid-19 Pandemic Sinaga, A.P.A. Article 14 19
2011 Inflationary expectations in transmission mechanism of monetary policy Semenenko, Tetiana Oleksiivna; Nilova, Nataliia Markivna Article 49010302 49013644
2021 Innovation Approaches to Estimate Financial Performance of Banking Sector: The Case for Saudi Arabia Dhawan, S.; Nazneen, A. Article 87366 297808
2017 Macroeconomic indices and capital market: evidence from Tehran Stock Market Makiyan, S.N.; Alibeiki, H. Article 10915151 5210923
2022 Post-Oil Period in Azerbaijan: Economic Transformations, Anti-Inflation Policy and Innovations Management Aliyeva, A. Article 911 1065
2016 Project Analysis and Inflation Marchenko, T. Conference Papers 1160533 681094
2017 Regulation of the state debt stability Antonov, Maksym Serhiiovych; Lopa, L. Article 7903870 4272344
2015 Teoretical and methodical approaches to the issue of formation and factor analysis of financial results Жмайлова, О.Г. Article 3055789 434262
2019 The Interaction between Profitability and Macroeconomic Factors for Future Examinations of European Banks Soundness – Theoretical Study Naser, N. Article 135682452 1018484065
2019 The Relationship between Macro-Economic Variables and Stock Exchange Prices: A Case Study in Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) in Bangladesh Rahman, Md.M. Article 1940771852 242971888