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2019 An Empirical Test of Herzberg's Two-Factor Motivation Theory Ozsoy, Emrah Article 89851 37192
2019 Brand Management: Organizational Changes in Project Management Zwerenz, D. Article 67062141 83524653
2013 Contemporary methodological approaches in study of personality in philosophy and sociology Yeremina, I. Article 32927 6720
2021 Corporate management models in the activity of an international company Kyianenko, A.V. Bachelous Paper 213551 114113
2020 Creating motivation for employees through KPIS system Kobushko, Ihor Mykolaiovych; Kobushko, Yana Volodymyrivna Conference Papers 1304 3791
2020 Developing undergraduate students’ motivation for study through distance learning Liashenko, Iryna Volodymyrivna Conference Papers 470 39
2020 Digitalisierung im Fremdsprachenunterricht Yermolenko, Svitlana Vasylivna; Shcherbonos, Y.A. Article 8924844 16007707
2022 Employee Satisfaction and Motivation of Retail Store Employees Machova, R.; Zsigmond, T.; Zsigmondova, A.; Seben, Z. Article 4272889 3418864
2013 Formative Assessment Approaches in Language Classroom Andreiko, Larysa Volodymyrivna Article 3147 145
2019 HR Management in the Digital Age: the Main Trends Assessment and Stakeholders Chyhryn, Olena Yuriivna; Karintseva, Oleksandra Ivanivna; Kozlova, D.D.; Kovaleva, A.V. Article 1764615063 1299953602
2021 HR-менеджмент в приватних закладах охорони здоров’я (на прикладі ТОВ «ВЕРБА МЕДІКАЛ») Логвинюк, Г.О. Masters thesis 735 237
2021 The Impact of Leadership on the Motivation of Hotel Employee During the Pandemic Era: Evidence from Greece Ypapanti, A.; Constantoglou, M. Article 38708826 34549168
2015 Innovative technologies in teaching foreign languages Skarlupina, Yuliia Anatoliivna Conference Papers 20457 20911
2017 Insights into Formative Assessment in ELT Khodtseva, Alla Oleksandrivna Conference Papers 67784 242
2021 The Investigation of The Missing Link Between Transformational Leadership and Motivation Shvindina, Hanna Oleksandrivna; Balahurovska, I.O.; Kursenko, A.V.; Rekunenko, Ihor Ivanovych; Elgabsy, Y. Article 3475 951
2014 KPI как универсальный мотиватор эффективной работы персонала Графодатская, А.С.; Поникаров, В.А. Conference Papers 29049 357
2019 The lack of motivation in ukrainian educational establishments Perekhod, E. Conference Papers 3036 166
1998 Learner Factors in Grading Tasks Bokun, I. Conference Papers 6960 269
2016 Linguo-Cognitive Parameters of Barack Obama’s Nicknames Yehorova, Olesia Ivanivna; Koval, T.Yu. Article 73855 1556
2018 Management and motivation of human resources in case of a Slovak multinational corporation Machova, R.; Kosar, S.T.; Hevesi, A. Article 109549 156340