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2021 Business leadership in international companies: modern models and success factors Siki, P.O. Masters thesis 17124316 2551914
2021 The Investigation of Association between Transformational Leadership Behavior and Job Satisfactions Among Small Business in the United States Al-Ahmadi, A.; Kasztelnik, K. Article 157711 100410
2021 The Investigation of The Missing Link Between Transformational Leadership and Motivation Shvindina, Hanna Oleksandrivna; Balahurovska, I.O.; Kursenko, A.V.; Rekunenko, Ihor Ivanovych; Elgabsy, Y. Article 13628 12037
2017 Leadership as a driver for organizational change Shvindina, Hanna Oleksandrivna Article 1567822834 -1981592248
2020 Leadership Models and Leadership Styles as Success Factors in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Thomas, G. Article 223090334 346748493
2022 Network Leadership Theory: A New Research Agenda Shvindina, Hanna Oleksandrivna; Balahurovska, I.; Heiets, I. Article 244947375 41654970
2018 The impact of project manager's competencies, emotional intelligence and transformational leadership on project in the information thechnology sector Afzal, A.; Khan, M.M.; Mujtaba, B.G. Article 6806734 6898350
2018 Феномен трансформаційного лідерства Кущ, В.О. Conference Papers 8027 4545
2020 Формування принципів переходу від деструктивного до трансформаційного лідерства Shvindina, Hanna Oleksandrivna; Балагуровська, І.; Білоцерківська, О.; Kvilinskyi, Oleksii Stanislavovych Article 4357 6885